The largest BlackBerry show in the world, Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES), kicks off May 13th down in Orlando Florida. Word on the street is that a CDMA BlackBerry Curve could be announced before then.

That’s right, for all you Verizon subscribers that email RIMarkable everyday asking when the Verizon BlackBerry Curve will come, sometime in the next 4 months if the rumor is right.

CDMA versions of BlackBerry devices pretty consistently come out about a year after their GSM cousins. Will a CDMA BlackBerry Curve come out before WES? Possibly… The original BlackBerry Curve, however, didn’t come out until the end of May last year. I think that an official announcement of a CDMA BlackBerry Curve at WES, shortly followed by a launch on Verizon shortly thereafter is a bit more likely.