Remember earlier this year before all the the talk about the BlackBerry 8700, what was then known as the BlackBerry Electron, there were also rumors of a Razr style Motorola handheld code-named the RazrBerry that dominated the BlackBerry Rumor Mill. The RazrBerry was supposed to run Windows Mobile and have BlackBerry Connect along with Bluetooth and Edge.

Well, whatever happened to the RazrBerry? Many initially believed, myself included, that the Motorola Q, which was officially announced at the end of July, was the actual name of what we knew as the RazrBerry. What we later found out was that the Motorola Franklin was the code name for the Moto Q and the RazrBerry was the code name for a yet to be announced device.

Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Research in motion was quoted back in August in an eWeek article stating the the Moto Q and the RazrBerry were two different devices…

Balsillie also hinted at a partnership with Motorola Inc., a company that has lately been hailed as a RIM competitor. Motorola last month introduced the Q, a wireless phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, which is similar in form to Motorola’s Razr phone. The Q has been widely reported as “the RazrBerry,” but Balsillie maintains that the RazrBerry is actually the code name of a different device that has yet to be announced. “Q and RazrBerry are not the same product,” he said. “There are some very core differences.”

So what happened to all of the RazrBerry rumors? I know that we have been bombarded with news about the BlackBerry 8700 but I think that the eventual announcement of the 8700 and BlackBerry Connect in the United States, BlackBerry Connect on a Motorola device that runs Windows Mobile has to be right up there as far as water cooler material goes.