BGR was able to get a hold of a Verizon holiday flyer that features a few of the newer BlackBerry devices that we’ve heard of like , the Tour, the Flip, and the recently announced Storm2, as well as a new device, the BlackBerry Curve2, also known as the BlackBerry 8530.  This naming convention for the 8530 is a bit confusing because there is a BlackBerry Curve 8900 that  is just called Curve.

I am curious as to if the Curve2 designation is the idea of Verizon as compared to RIM?  The Curve was, and, still is a strong device and has very good brand recognition so this is a pretty good marketing move regardless of who came up with the name.  If it was RIM, however, it does kind of make you wonder if they put a lot of forethought into naming conventions.

[Via BGR]