Surely, by now you have seen all the pictures of the BlackBerry 8100 cameraphone and heard of all the wonderful things that it is supposed to do in addition to taking pictures like support multimedia and have a removable media slot. I, however, have about 10 questions that, when answered, will really give us some insight into how this puppy will stand up against other smartphones.

  1. How many megapixels will the digital camera be? — I am already on the record for stating that it should be at least 2.0.
  2. Will it support standard media formats? — Being able to play downloaded videos in the CamWest MediaWorks VideoPlayer is one thing, however, I want to know if there will be like a Windows Media Player or a QuickTime Player or something that can stream content from these formats?
  3. Is there a stereo headphone jack? — I know that BerryTunes came out last week, however, If I am going to listen to MP3s, I want to do so through stereo headphones.
  4. Can multimedia audio play back via Bluetooth? — If you are watching SportsCenter highlights of the game, will the audio play through your Bluetooth headset?
  5. Will there be support for SlingPlayer Mobile? — Being able to run my SlingBox from my BlackBerry is the thing that will make me go out and buy a Blackberry 8100 the day that they are released regardless of the carrier.

  • Will you be able to transfer data via USB and Bluetooth? — I know that it is for security reasons that you can’t , but, it sure would be nice if you could send files back and forth to your laptop without having to email them all the time.
  • Will the Blackberry 8100 have voice command dialing? — I am actually quite amazed that BlackBerrys don’t already have this as feature. In conjunction with a Bluetooth headset, being able to call people without ever pulling your BlackBerry out of your pocket, purse, or off your belt would be a welcome addition to most.
  • Will there be a voice recorder? — I never knew just how handy the ability to make quick voice recorded memos was until couldn’t do it anymore when I stopped carrying around my Pocket PC for my BlackBerry.
  • What kind of battery life will the 8100 get? — Will you be able to make it a full day without having to recharge? This is one of the main reasons that I have not bought a Motorola Q.
  • How long until Verizon gets it? — Verizon, and Sprint for that matter, tend to lag behind the other carriers because they are CDMA, unlike the rest of earth. The EvDO is nice, but, it sucks always being 6 months to a year behind everyone else on new BlackBerry models.