Remember the other day when we asked if this crappy keyboard toting device was the BlackBerry 9000? Well, it turns out that it isn’t and, in fact, is a new 8000 series device.

We’re not sure exactly what this new BlackBerry 8xxx series device will be called, however, it will be built on a brand new platform using the new Tavor chipset and is being touted as the new flagship BlackBerry targeting senior execs.

BGR has all the details, however, some of the highlights are the 624MHz Tavor processor, the new half VGA color display (480×320), and a “High Performance” 2 megapixel camera. I put high performance in quotes because just can’t imagine 2 megapixels being “high” anything.

Vodafone is supposed to start offering this puppy in May so we can imagine that AT&T will do so here in the States around the same time if not sooner.