We didn’t want to title this post “Yet Another BlackBerry Outage” because we’ve done that two or three times already. I’ve got the same things to say about todays outage that I’ve had to say about the last 3 or 4 of them. Research in Motion flat out shouldn’t have these kind of outages.

I am sure that RIM will eventually release the reason why you and I weren’t able to get email all afternoon, but as my grandfather used to always tell me… “Excuses don’t explain and explanations never excuse.”

This problem major outages that Research in Motion has experienced over the last year and a half or so simply is inexcusable. RIM needs to pour whatever resources they need to into figuring out how to get passed having a single point of failure that takes down email for large parts, if not, most of North America in a singe swoop of the sword.