We haven’t done an awful lot of talking about the BlackBerry 9000 primarily because nothing really stood out as significantly superior to the BlackBerry Curve. Granted, the BlackBerry 9000 has a lot of memory and really clear display, but the BlackBerry 8800 style keyboard is con that outweighed the pros in my opinion.

That is until today, however, when he heard rumors that the BlackBerry 9000 sports a front facing video camera. The first thing that comes to mind when I see a mobile device with a video camera on the front and 3G speed is video conferencing.

I don’t know that the potential for video conferencing on a BlackBerry alone is enough to get me excited about the BlackBerry 9000, however, it is enough to get me to at least raise an eyebrow. I just may have to start paying a bit more attention to the BlackBerry 9000… Bad keyboard and all…

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