I just happened to be watching the NBA on TNT last night and noticed that the halftime show was sponsored by T-Mobile My Faves. There were several commercials with NBA champ
Dwayne Wade and NBA legend Charles Barkley where D-Wade was trying to convince Sir Charles to put him in his Fave 5 list. As soon as one of the commercials shows up on YouTube I will link to it.

Besides just sponsoring the halftime show, T-Mobile is holding a Fave 5 Sweepstakes where you can enter to win a trip to the 2007 NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas and invite your Fave 5 as guests.

Fortunately, there is no purchase necessary and you don’t have to be a T-Mobile Fave 5 subscriber. You can read all the rules here. If you have read this far you may as well go ahead and enter the Fave 5 Sweepstakes which you can do here.

Good Luck…

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