Remember the back in the day when you got your first PDA before the BlackBerry took over? One of the coolest things that you could do was “beam” contact information from your device via infra-red to someone else’s device. I believe that I read an article once that said business cards would go the way of the dinosaur. Well, that hasn’t exactly happened, but, being able to beam your adders book to everyone you met at networking events was pretty fun.

As we know, you can’t exactly beam your info to someone since there is no infra-red on the BlackBerry. However, there is a little known feature that easily allows you to exchange contact info with other BlackBerry users.

I know that some of you die-hard BlackBerry Addicts are saying that it is pretty easy to send contact info via a simple email, and truth be told, you are absolutely right. You wouldn’t believe, however, how many long time BlackBerry users don’t know that all you have to do to send contact info is send an email or a PIN message to the person that you want to give contact info to and select Attach Address from the thumb wheel scroll bar.

This is a pretty simple tip but keeps you from having to type all your info into an email and easily allows you to give one of your contact’s info to someone else that you know.