According to Ashok Kumar, analyst and managing director at Rodman & Renshaw, the rumored 7″ BlackBerry Tablet will come out at the end of this year even though it was originally supposed to come out at the beginning of next.

Research In Motion (RIMM, Market Perform) is trying to pull forward the launch of the 7-inch touchscreen tablet from early next year to year end…with a marginal point of differentiation being the front- and back-facing cameras for videoconferencing…

Kumar also states that the BlackBerry Tablet will be supplied by Marvell, current supplier of the BlackBerry 9700 processor.  A possible candidate is the 1 GHz Armada 610 which boasts full HD 1080p playback, 16-megapixel image captures, advanced 3D graphics, and is geared towards tablets and e-readers.

[Via CNet]