I very rarely post graphs of how Research in Motion’s stock price is doing, however, it is worth noting that it just set another all time high, currently sitting at $141.56.

This news, in and of itself, isn’t ground breaking as the stock (ticker RIMM) has been breaking it’s all time highs every few days for the passed 6 weeks. What is really interesting, however, is that over the long holiday weekend, when the nations largest wireless carrier completely botched by most accounts, the release of arguably the hottest smartphone ever, the price continued to soar in after-hours trading.

I guess Cingular’s non-release of the BlackBerry Pearl didn’t seem that bad compared to what else went on in the smartphone market.

Palms Treo 680 was released, however, they forgot to hook up the microphones in most of them. Cingular actually released the BlackJack from Samsung and debuted the coolest smartphone commercial to date but reports of stability issues in Windows Mobile have already started to show up and devices are being returned almost as quickly as the Motorola Q.

All Cingular did was let everyone assume that the BlackBerry Pearl would be out before Thanksgiving, by Black Friday at the latest, and act like they had no idea what consumers were talking about as they called in and asked if the Pearl was available yet.