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I recently had the opportunity to review UniquePhones, a remote mobile phone unlocking service that has generated over 2.9 million unlock codes to date.

UniquePhones has unlock codes for over 1500 handsets from most of the leading manufactures including LG, Siemens, Motorola, and many others, including my personal favorite, BlackBerry. The price range for unlock codes vary as greatly as the devices they support from as low as $1.99 all the way up to $25.99, which happens to be the price to unlock a BlackBerry.

I am being paid for this review, however, you will get my honest opinion as it is far from raving. It’s not a scathing review either, however, I do have a few concerns and maybe UniquePhones can take this review as a bit constructive criticism.

My guess is that the overwhelming majority of the 2.9 million unlock codes that UniquePhones has sold have gone off without a hitch. Most of the forums and blogs that I found that mention UniquePhones do so in a positive light and generally comment on how much cheaper UniquePhones unlock codes are compared to other services.

The few times that I found negative feedback, complaints seemed to revolve around two themes:

  1. My Unlock Code didn’t work and I couldn’t receive a refund.
  2. Support was very unresponsive or flat out didn’t contact me back.

Unfortunately, I am experiencing the latter issue as I type this. Before I ever use a service that I purchase online, I test out customer support. I noticed that the list of BlackBerry devices supported by UniquePhones is fairly dated with the newest device being the BlackBerry 7105t. I opened a ticket simply asking if any of the newer BlackBerry devices such as the 8700c or the 7130g are supported. After four days I still have yet to hear anything back from UniquePhones even after I updated the ticket asking for an update.

This type of delay is just not acceptable for a service like what UniquePhones offers and the company needs to improve in this area.

If you have had any experiences, good or bad, with UniquePhones, leave us a comment and tell us about it. Additionally, I invite anyone from UniquePhones to respond as to how they are improving support because I see this as being the one area that is holding them back.

You can find more information about UniquePhones by visiting their website at www.uniquephones.com.

*** The previous post was a PAID advertisement ***