Update: Fraud Alert!!! I have received several emails from folk in the BlackBerry community that I know and trust who say that this offer does not sound legitimate. For me personally, I wouldn’t do business with anyone working with a gmail account until they prove to me that they are on the up an up.

The BlackBerry 8700c from Cingular was officially announced last Tuesday but won’t be widely available until November 21st. RIMarkable reader Scott, however, has a tip on how to possibly get an 8700c as early as the 11th.

Scott left a comment stating “I know a place that is selling the 8700 now. They are shipping as early as Friday. Email worldsolutionsinc@gmail.com for details. This is not a joke. I ordered mine today!!!!!! They said that I would have it by Monday!!”

I sent an email stating that I wanted to get info on getting BlackBerry 8700c ASAP and received the following response…

I have them available for Cingular and am shipping them out as the orders come in. If you were to order one from me tomorrow morning, it will most likely ship out on Friday. With overnight shipping, you could have it Monday. With new activation it is $399 and for Equipment only it is $549, plus shipping. I only have them for Cingular currently, and have no way to unlock them. If you want to purchase one, or have questions, email me your phone number and I will call you when I get in the office in the morning.

It should be noted that I have not confirmed this offer and and somewhat concerned that the email address being used is a gmail account. I will attempt to get more information tomorrow that is a bit more credible so for now, we will definitely keep this in the rumor category.