It looks like Research in Motion just launched a “lite” version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for small to medium sized businesses name BlackBerry Professional Software.

BlackBerry Professional Software is described as:

A new wireless communications and collaboration solution that tightly integrates with the industry leading email servers and is specifically designed and priced to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. BlackBerry Professional Software is based on the core functionality of the best-in-class BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software used by governments and large organizations worldwide, but it is streamlined and tailored to meet the needs of smaller organizations with up to 30 wireless users. BlackBerry Professional Software is priced at $499 for 5 users.

The big to do about BlackBerry Professional Software is that because it is a scaled back version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server designed to support 30 or fewer BlackBerry users, it can be installed on the same server that runs Exchange or Lotus Notes. This is a huge plus for small companies with limited IT resources.

BlackBerry Professional Software will set you back $499 for a 5 users license or $849 for a 10 user license, however, for a limited time you can receive a free 5 users license with the purchase of 5 new BlackBerry devices.

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