Research in Motion is clearly trying to reach out to consumers and have started doing their own official BlackBerry Connection Podcast. They really shouldn’t have…  I mean, really, they shouldn’t have.  It is arguably the cheesiest piece of marketing ever.

Get tips and tricks, information about the latest BlackBerry® smartphones and accessories, and killer app reviews. Maybe even learn some cool secrets. The BlackBerry Connection Podcast is about fun and the best ways to use your BlackBerry smartphone.

The BlackBerry Connection Podcast, technically, is a podcast because of the way that it is delivered, however, it is essentially a commercial that is so bad, you have to wonder if RIM intentionally made it this bad just so people would talk about it.  I am guessing that they did.

Episode one is all about getting music on your BlackBerry.  Check it out if you must, but, you will probably watch it twice just to confirm that it is as truly is awful as you thought it was.