Andrew Parker from The Gong Show works in a build with with many Verizon Wireless corporate offices. He overheard the following conversation in a elevator full of Verizon employees after one of them started tinkering with their BlackBerry.

Verizon employee #1: Y’know Verizon’s getting a camera blackberry for consumers.
Verizon employee #2: Really?
Verizon employee #1: Yea, it’s not going to be world-capable, but it will have a camera and it will be smaller than this one [referring to the 8830].
Verizon employee #2: Oh, so like the Curve.
Verizon employee #1: Yea, like the Curve. For consumers.
Verizon employee #2: Where’d you find that out?
Verizon employee #1: Asked around.
Verizon employee #2: Oh, yea, I never hear about these things… When’s it coming out?
Verizon employee #1: Couple of months.

Our not so highly trained staff of graphic artists have come up with visual representation of what this revolutionary Verizon BlackBerry with a camera could look like.

Verizon BlackBerry Curve