Remember when we first saw pictures of what we presumed was the BlackBerry 9000 and thought, “Oh crap, this thing doesn’t have a touch-screen.”, only to be followed up with a post of how this might not actually be the BlackBerry 9000, but a new BlackBerry 8000 model?

Well, according to BGR, you can go back to the way you felt when you thought it wouldn’t have a touch-screen. It looks like this here device is the BlackBerry 9000 and is set to make it’s debut at WES 2008.
As for me, I am kind of disappointed, not because of the apparent lack of a touch-screen. Nobody can do Apple better than Apple can do Apple and even they have some things to work out with the touch screen.

I am disappointed because of what looks like a BlackBerry 8800 style keyboard. If you haven’t heard me say this before, I will say it for you know.

The BlackBerry 8800 has the worst keyboard of any device named BlackBerry to come out of Research in Motion.

I certainly hope that if this is the next BlackBerry device to hit the scene that the keyboard only looks like that on the BlackBerry 8800 as compared to feeling like it.