Rumors of a new device code named the Blackberry Onyx Delta are starting to float around and raising questions as they do.  First, what is a BlackBerry Onyx Delta.  Second, why is the code name BlackBerry Onyx being used again?

BlackBerry Leaks believes that the BlackBerry Onyx Delta may actually be the BlackBerry Bold 9700a.  The Bold 9700a was initially thought to be the BlackBerry Slider, but, we know now that the Slider is the Bold 9800.

We’re told that the (Bold) 9700a is going to be a refreshed Bold 9700 with upgraded hardware and features. The 9700a will supposedly sport:

  • 5MP camera
  • 512 MB RAM
  • BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • New webkit browser

It looks like RIM is just getting the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on par with the Bold 9650 so it actually makes sense that RIM would reuse the code Name Blackberry Onyx and denote the upgrade by appending Delta.

[Via BlackBerry Leaks]