RIMarkable reader Gary has been following some of the threads over on BlackBerry Forums and it would appear that boygenius, the insider that initially leaked news about the BlackBerry Stealth, what we now know to be the BlackBerry 8100 “Pearl”, is gaurunteeing that in addition to the Pearl, a full QWERTY keyboard CameraBerry is coming out as well.

CrackBerry Addict headtailgrep, who has over 500 posts on BlackBerry Forums, seems to support boygenius’s claim stating that Rogers will soon carry the 8100 and a full QWERTY keyboard model that is similar to the 8100.

These are all just rumors right now, however, it would appear that it will be an interesting fall for Research in Motion, except for on Sprint and Verizon, but, that is for another post.

Thanks for the tips Gary…