Engadget was able to get their hands on, what looks like a training document for the upcoming “Oden Refresh”, possibly the BlackBerry Storm3, which appears to be a minor refresh of the BlackBerry Storm2.

Notable updates include:

  • New Refreshed UI (BlackBerry 6)
  • WebKit browser
  • 512 MB Ram and up to 32 GB media card
  • 5 MP camera
  • World Edition phone
  • 802.11n Wifi
  • 3G mobile hotspot

To be completely honest, I hope that the Storm3 does have Wi-Fi tethering.  Less, tethering, I am hard pressed to find any reason to move to this device if you already have a Storm2, unless, BlackBerry 6 is a memory hog and 256 MB isn’t enough memory to run BB6 effectively.

These details aren’t complete, nor are they definitive, so, I just hope that RIM has a few more features up their sleeves, if indeed the device being described here is the BlackBerry Storm3…