Just yesterday we wrote a post about the 3G-less BlackBerry 9000 code named the BlackBerry Niagara. At least we thought it was code named the BlackBerry Niagara. The non 3G bearing BlackBerry 9000 is actually code named the BlackBerry Javelin and, believe it or not, the BlackBerry Niagara is a EV-DO variant of the device.

Rumor has it that the EV-DO bearing BlackBerry Niagara is supposed to debut sometime in May of 2009. BGR, nor do we, feel that a May 2009 release date sounds quite right. That being said we didn’t think that it would take a year when we asked how long would it take for Verizon to come out with the BlackBerry Curve.

That particular post was written May 6th, 2007. 365 days and 1219 comments later it is still going strong.