The Vodafone BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now available for pre-order directly from Vodafone as well as Carphone Warehouse.  SoMobile’s Carly Page, however, is reporting that the device has been delayed by ‘at least three weeks’.

Although the network’s promising an August 16 release date, we spoke to a Vodafone representative, who confirmed to SoMobile that RIM has ‘delayed the launch’ of the Bold 9900. No exact release has yet been given, but it won’t be landing for at least ‘another 3 weeks’.

We haven’t seen any release dates for any BlackBerry 7 smartphone this side of the the pond, but, if this delay turns out to be the real deal, it looks like it will be September before we see any new BlackBerry devices…

Update:  Well, that was rumor was short lived. SoMobile has posted an update on their site.

[Via SoMobile]