One of our regular readers named Amit sent us an email this morning with a question that, if the answer is yes, will make many Verizon subscribers very happy.

Is the BlackBerry Pearl coming to Verizon sooner than we thought?

Amit writes:

I was browsing around on the Verizon Wireless site and typed Pearl into the search window. The BlackBerry section of the site came up but there was no BlackBerry Pearl to be found. Then I thought, why would anything come up. I didn’t search for BlackBerry Pearl, just the word Pearl. Verizon must have set a trigger to take anyone searching for Pearl to their BlackBerry page. Could this mean what I hope it means?

I can’t say for sure what exactly this means. What I can say is that when you search for Pearl on Cingular’s site you only get links about Pearl Jam ringtones in return and we know that Cingular is definitely coming out with the BlackBerry Pearl soon.

Verizon is usually last to come out with new BlackBerry devices, however, when you look at the company overall, they are often first to come out with the latest and greatest consumer devices. Could it be that that Verizon sees the BlackBerry Pearl as a consumer device that they can make a killing off of now, but, possibly not a year after everyone else but Sprint has it?

I think that the window of opportunity on a consumer devices is much smaller than on devices used by corporations. Verizon knows that their corporate BlackBerry users aren’t going to abandon their network simply because they don’t offer the latest BlackBerry at the same time everyone else does. Studies have shown, however, that consumers aren’t nearly as loyal to carriers if the the mobile devices they want aren’t offered.

Is the BlackBerry Pearl coming to Verizon sooner than we thought? I certainly hope so. One thing that we know for sure, however, is that time will definitely tell.

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