Is BlackBerry maker Research in Motion about to buy rival Palm, maker of the Palm Treo? Investment news site Covert Stock Operations thinks so…

Investment news site, Covert Stock Operations believes that Research in Motion will announce a merger with Palm in their Q1 Fiscal 2007 earnings report this coming Thursday. The site doesn’t offer up any concrete evidence of an upcoming merger, however, this not the first time that we have heard this rumor.

Covert Stock Operations does give several good reasons as to why RIM and Palm should merge, the main one being that “80+% of PALM that is held by institutions have been pressuring PALM to take a buyout.” The post author also seems to think that the fact that both RIM an Palm are announcing quarterly earnings at the same time and the CFOs of both companies attended the Piper Jaffray 8th Annual Hardware & Communications Conference is more than just a coincidence.

I personally don’t know if a merger is coming, however, I don’t think that it would be a half bad idea if it did. With that, I will leave you with my Top Ten Reasons Research in Motion Should Buy Palm