The Microsoft Zune is undergoing scheduled maintenance that started early this morning at 1:00 a.m. EST.  This isn’t terribly big news unless you are a Zune user.  3 phone profiles being found in the Zune.inf file of the maintenance release, is, however, kind of big…  Especially since Microsoft has repeatedly stated that they had no plans to add mobile phone to the Zune since before the original Zune came out.

The so-called Zune software maintenance release has a trio of Phone device drivers tucked away inside the Zune.inf file according to Long Zheng over at istartedsomething. And similar to the three devices listed representing the three types of Zunes, we have three Phone.DeviceDesc placeholders for three unannounced (Pink and WinMo 6.x/7?) phones presumably running premium Zune media services.

I’ve thought for a while know that if MS put a phone in the Zune HD they would have one heck of a device on their hands.  The question is how irate the device manufactures that make Windows Mobile devices will be seeing how MS still denies intentions on sticking a phone in the Zune.

[Via Engadget]