I believe it’s safe to say that the BlackBerry Pearl is a big hit for Research in Motion. As of this morning before market open RIM’s stock price is above $108. The BlackBerry Pearl isn’t soley responsible for dropping half a billion dollars or so into the wallets of RIM’s co-CEOs, however, it did play a big role.

Rumor has it that a new CameraBerry called the BlackBerry 8800 Crimson will hit shelves sometime next Spring. By many accounts the Crimson is considered to be the perfect mobile PDA. It will be small, have a full QWERTY keyboard, a digital camera, miniSD, Wi-Fi… b and g, quad band GSM with EDGE, and since it is a BlackBerry… will work.

Once consumer software like a Skype client, SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry, Windows Live Messenger, and a VNC client starts coming out, RIM will not be able to make these things fast enough.

The BlackBerry Pearl, for Research in Motion, is big. Let’s just say that the BlackBerry Crimson will be bigger.

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