New Rule: If the name of your company isn’t Apple, you cannot use the word “killer” when describing your new mobile device, especially if it is targeting the BlackBerry.

HP is coming out with a “killer line” line of BlackBerry hunting iPaqs according to Gene Wong, vice president of marketing of HP’s handheld global business unit.

HP, if you want to come out with a new smartphone to atone for that last batch of crap you put out, no one is going to blame you. The wireless industry is a big one and I can understand you want to get a piece of it. You’ve got to, however, stop comparing yourselves to the BlackBerry because you set expectations you can’t possibly meet primarily because your devices run Windows Mobile.

Try saying that you want to be the Treo Killer, or the Moto Q Killer. The first thing you should remember when setting goals is to make sure they are attainable.