I cannot help but wonder how well the BlackBerry Pearl would be doing if Research in Motion and T-Mobile marketed it at the same level as, let’s say, Verizon does the Motorola Q or the LG Chocolate? Don’t get me wrong, the Pearl is doing exceptionally well. Have you seen RIM’s stock price lately? It’s doing so well that one could argue that additional marketing may be moot.

I have to ask the question, however, because, from what I’ve noticed, at least here in the U.S., the BlackBerry Pearl doesn’t appear to be advertised all that much.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the BlackBerry Pearl is being talked about all over the internet and the buzz behind it… Well… Let me refer you to RIMs stock price again. I am just saying that I have yet to see a T-Mobile commercial with Catherine Zeta-Jones hocking a BlackBerry Pearl, nor any print ads in the Fast Company, Business 2.0, or Wired magazines sitting on my desk where Research in Motion is telling us how the BlackBerry is not just for work anymore.

Was the launch of the BlackBerry Pearl on T-Mobile the proverbial “dipping of the toe” for RIM into the consumer market soon to be followed up by a full marketing blitz on other carriers? Will we see launch parties like we did back when the BlackBerry 8700c came out where RIM just gives a BlackBerry Pearl to every B-list celebrity that the Paparazzi seem to love to photograph, while carrying their BlackBerrys of course.

I guess the only thing that we know for sure is that time will definitely tell…

BlackBerry Pearl