How To Convert A DVD To BlackBerry Using DVDFab

  1. Once you have DVDFab installed insert the DVD that you would like to convert.  You will be prompted for the region the that the DVD is from unless you’ve already checked the box to never show this window again. Click OK, and DVDFab will load your DVD.
  2. In the left sidebar of DVDFab, select the DVD Ripper Option, then mouse over More and select Cell Phone.
  3. In the middle pain the proper title should be selected (usually has the longest play time).  If not, select it manually…  Also select the Taret at the top of the DVDFab window.
  4. At the bottom of the DVDFab window click the drop-down arrow next to profile and select either the BlackBerry.Storm profile if you have the BlackBerry Storm, Storm2, or the BlackBerry Torch.  Select cellphone.mpeg4.blackberry if you have any other BlackBerry device.
  5. Determine if you would like Subtitles by selecting the proper language in the bottom pane in the middle right section of the DVDFab window.  If you don’t want subtitles, make sure you uncheck each Subpicture checkbox.
  6. Click Start

Depending on the speed of your computer, the DVD conversion process could take 30 minutes or more… Be patient…

Once the conversion process is complete, all you have to do is browse to the Target directory the you selected in step 3.  Transfer the movie to your BlackBerry device and enjoy…

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