The BlackBerry Pearl, which debuted on T-Mobile’s network last month has been one hottest, if not the hottest, selling BlackBerrys to date. The Pearl is one of the major factors in Research in Motion’s recent run up on the stock market. RIM’s stock price at the time of this writing is $116.83, up 3.23% today alone.

Everyone is talking about the BlackBerry Pearl. First time consumer BlackBerry users seem to be buying the Pearl left and right. The BlackBerry Pearl is arguably the most significant smart phone to come out in the last 18 months, yet the marketing of the Pearl from RIM and T-Mobile has been modest at best. At least until recently…

T-Mobile just launched a new website for the BlackBerry Pearl called and it looks like their full marketing blitz is about to kick into gear. There are interactive movies for you to watch, you can win a free trip from Yahoo!, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see a bunch of print media advertising and maybe even few TV commercials for the BlackBerry Pearl just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.

It will be interesting to see how the BlackBerry Pearl does when the companies behind it truly market it. I heard an analyst say that the BlackBerry Pearl is the new iPod. I don’t know if it has reached iPod status yet, however, it comes anywhere close, every 15 to 25 year old with internet access will have the Pearl on their holiday gift wish list.

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