According to a credible BGR source, Research in Motion’s marketing department decided that they should “re-brand” the upcoming BlackBerry OS 4.3.1 and call it BlackBerry OS 4.5.

I have just one question… Does OS 4.5 make you want to go out and buy a new device or upgrade your existing device’s OS more than OS 4.3.1?

My guess is that, although many of folks reading this post may know exactly what version of the BlackBerry OS their device is running, the overwhelming majority of BlackBerry users couldn’t tell you that the name of their OS is BlackBerry OS, let alone the version number.

If RIM is going to re-brand the name of the OS, why not give it a cool code name like “Mantis” or “Nexus” or any of a plethora of really cool sounding words that most folks don’t readily know the definition of.