From the rumors that we’ve heard so far, Cingular’s BlackBerry Pearl should hit shelves anytime within the next month or so. When it does finally ship, are you going to go out and get one?

We’ve heard that Cingular’s Pearl will ship before December 11th. I still have my eye on November 24th. Cingular is the nations largest network. You cannot drive passed a mall without seeing a Cingular store or walk through one without seeing a Cingular kiosk. A Blackberry Pearl launch Black Friday could be huge for Cingular.

We know that even though the BlackBerry Pearl is nowhere to be found on Cingular’s website rebates on the Pearl are in their system. It looks like Cingular is preparing themselves for a full holiday marketing campaign for their version of the hottest little smartphone to hit their network in a while. Cingular’s BlackBerry Personal Plan for those who have no intention on ever connecting their device to a corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server might be right down the ally for many consumer users new to the BlackBerry.

The only question that remains is, “Are you going to get one?”

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