Rumor has it that Cingular’s BlackBerry Pearl will be out before mid-December. All I can say is, “I certainly hope so!”

BBHub reader Scott tells Russell Shaw that according to the people in the BlackBerry Booth at the New York City Marathon Expo, the BlackBerry Pearl will be available on Cingular before December 11th. Hopefully, RIM and Cingular are wise enough to release before the 11th because that is a full 2 1/2 weeks after Thanksgiving.

The BlackBerry Pearl is still selling on T-Mobile, and all indications point to T-Mobile ramping up their advertising efforts. The Pearl is the first device from RIM that really sees quite a few “in the moment” purchases so timing of when this device comes out on Cingular is very important. Potential consumers who aren’t already on Cingular my not wait until December 11th if the T-Mobile version of the Pearl is in the store ready to be purchased on November 24th, or Black(Berry) Friday as the day after Thanksgiving is often referred to.

Cingular would be doing themselves favor to make sure that their version of the BlackBerry Pearl is available well in advance of December 11th. Don’t get my wrong, whenever the Cingular BlackBerry Pearl comes out, it will do well, however, it would do better if it comes out closer to Thanksgiving than closer to Christmas.

Cingular BlackBerry Pearl