There have been a lot of conflicting reports on when the BlackBerry Pearl is coming out on Cingular’s network and RIMarkable has been right in the middle of it. We initially thought that Cingular would have their branded BlackBerry Pearl by Thanksgiving, however, documents have surfaced indicating that T-Mobile has an exclusive on the Pearl until December 1st.

Truth be told, no one who really knows is talking about it and those talking about it don’t really know. Russell Shaw from BBHub, however, came up with a great idea this morning. He has started a campaign of sorts asking readers to call their local Cingular store and ask when they will have the Pearl.

Comments are starting to trickle in and, so far, the end of this month seems to be the consensus. Probably nothing definitive will come out of this other than being definitive in the fact we don’t know when the Cingular’s BlackBerry Pearl will come out, however, it is kind of cool to hear what different Cingular stores around the country are saying.

If you have a few minutes, call your local Cingular store and ask them when they will have the Pearl. I am sure Russell will welcome your comments.

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