BlackBerry insider and BlackBerry Cool reader, Mike, informs BlackBerry Cool that the BlackBerry 7130e from Verizon is to be officially announced next Monday, November 14th November 21st.

The new Blackberry 7130e is based off of the 7100 platform so it will include 240×260 65,000 color screen, SureType, Bluetooth, and 64mb of RAM. The major difference is the support of EV-DO to allow high speed broadband like download rates.

Personally, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the BlackBerry 7130e. I am a big fan of of the ‘CandyBar’ BlackBerry form factor and love my 7100t howerver my corporate mobile plan is switching to Verizon. The big question that I have is will you be able to use the BlackBerry 7130e as a highspeed wireless modem for your laptop?