A BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 PDF was leaked online and it details some interesting new features coming to RIMs non-corporate “Push” email service.   Arguably the biggest feature add is the addition of tw0-way sync to Gmail.

BIS 2.8, even with the Enhance Google Mail plug-in for BlackBerry, only allows for one way synchronization from your BlackBerry to your Gmail account.  Read or delete an email on your BlackBerry and the status change of the message will be reflected in Gmail.  The opposite, however, is not true…

BIS 3.0 will allow message status changes made in both Gmail and on the BlackBerry to by synchronized in both directions.  This will be a welcome addition.  Hopefully the carriers wont’ lag around too long after BIS 3.0 is made available before they upgrade to it.

[Via Engadget]