I admit the I was briefly caught in all the fanfare around Apple’s announcement of the iPhone last week but Apple has gone back to it’s usual ways and I have come back to my senses.

Several developers have created skins for Windows Mobile and launchers for Palm that resemble the interface on Apple’s soon to be released iPhone. Not only has Apple sent cease and desist letters to the sites hosting these files, they have sent them to blogs linking to the sites. Apple doesn’t just want you not to be able make your Windows Mobile or Treo look like an iPhone. They don’t even want you to hear that the ability to do so even exists.

Isn’t it interesting how Apple can rationalize clearly stealing a company’s trademarked of a device that they are selling but fell infringed upon if some developer makes a Treo or a Windows Mobile device look like the device they are about to come out with.

I just hope that some developer creates an iPhone theme for the BlackBerry. I will gladly link to hit here.

[Via TechCrunch]

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