When it comes to U.S. based mobile web traffic there are really only two players in the game.  The iPhone  sits atop the hill with over 40% total share and Adroid is right on the iPhone’s heels just a few percentage points behind.  The other dogs in the race, Palm and Microsoft, simply don’t hunt and what’s really telling is that the BlackBerry, even though it’s the number one smartphone in America, has seen a ridiculous decline since October, 2008 when it was just a few points behind the iPhone.

Web browsing on the BlackBerry is an embarrassment!

I am not sure which is the worst embarrassment…  How bad web browsing on the BlackBerry is compared to pretty much everything else, or, how long it is taking RIM to do something about it.  I know that RIM will soon release the new and improved WebKit based BlackBerry Browser, but, RIM, quite honestly, should have released a BlackBerry Browser with legs when the original BlackBerry Storm came out.  Most definitely by the time that the Storm2 came out.

What will RIM do?

I love the BlackBerry, but, I think that RIM is running out of time.  There is just too much cool stuff that you can do on these other devices that you can’t even think about doing on a BlackBerry.  There is a new iPhone coming out this summer.  Windows Mobile 7 is coming this fall.  Android keeps getting updates regularly and someone is going to eventually buy Palm, if for nothing more than the intellectual property.  (webOS is strong)  I think that we have a good idea of what everyone else is doing.  The big question for me is what will RIM do?

[Via ARS Technica]