Verizon Launching BlackBerry 8530 As BlackBerry Curve2

BGR was able to get a hold of a Verizon holiday flyer that features a few of the newer BlackBerry devices that we’ve heard of like , the Tour, the Flip, and the recently announced Storm2, as well as a new device, the BlackBerry Curve2, also known as the BlackBerry 8530.  This naming convention for the 8530 is a bit confusing because there is a BlackBerry Curve 8900 that  is just called Curve.

I am curious as to if the Curve2 designation is the idea of Verizon as compared to RIM?  The Curve was, and, still is a strong device and has very good brand recognition so this is a pretty good marketing move regardless of who came up with the name.  If it was RIM, however, it does kind of make you wonder if they put a lot of forethought into naming conventions.

[Via BGR]


  1. Eric says

    Is anyone else disappointed that Verizon is getting the CDMA version of the Curve 8520 instead of the Curve 8900? The 8520 looks cheap.

    I am not happy.

  2. BrixtonMassive says

    Thats Right ERIC. The 8520 is a crap phone. Why wouldnt they get the 8900. its not a smart move, especially calling it curve 2. I think the poster is wrong. I dont believe RIM would agree to that.

  3. Eric says

    Yeah, the 8520 is like the phone that RIM is using for pay-as-you-go users or something. Pathetic. What were they thinking?

    I actually thought of saying “crap phone” in my earlier post Brixton. Thank you for doing so! haha

  4. says

    The reasoning behind my point that calling this the Curve2 is because of the popularity of the original Curve. My guess is that the overwhelming majority of consumers that would actually buy this phone are those about to get their first smart phone and will see the Curve2 as the second edition Curve and get it based on brand recognition.

  5. Eric says

    Hi Robb,

    I don’t care if they call it the Curve75! haha. I just can’t believe they are going with the 8520/8530 over the 8900. The 8900 is a much nicer Blackberry. The 8520 looks like it is for kids. It looks like a pay-as-you-go phone.

    • Amish says

      I don’t think there will be a CDMA BlackBerry 8900. RIM is already working on the Tour2 so there really is no need for it

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