Today at CTIA 2010, CrackBerry Kevin found out that the official Twitter for BlackBerry client will launch next Wednesday, March 31st.  Twitter for BlackBerry has been in a “closed” beta for over a month, although you could easily find a leaked version online if you looked hard enough.

If RIM addressed the speed of Twitter for BlackBerry I’d say that it could be a nice little Twitter client.  Definitely not the best BlackBerry Twitter client available, but, certainly good enough to significantly decrease the number of people that would be willing to pay for a third party client.

@SocialScope…  You should have released your client long ago.  You will never make what you could have made if you would have released a client 6 months to a year ago.  Sure, some BlackBerry users will buy your client if and when you ever release it.  Most, however, won’t…

[Via CrackBerry]