1. Thought says

    I have to say that the contours of the device are much nicer than I anticipated.

    It will be interesting to try out the haptic keyboard once it comes out.

  2. bluehorseshoe says

    As nice as it looks, I sit back with patience while awaiting the release of the Bold on VZW. Reality for me is I need that keyboard.

  3. says

    I think that I am with you Blue, however, I would rather Verizon release the BlackBerry Javelin. The Bold is huge and I am partial to smaller devices.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am going to get a Storm as soon as they come out, however, I just don’t know how I will like the touchscreen.

    What I really want is for a BlackBerry Stom with a slide-out keyboard. I bet you a dollar that RIM is already working on such a device.

  4. crazylegs says

    I got a Bold from Rogers, unlocked it and use on ATT. First, the feel of it is not nearly as big as the 8800 even though it is slightly larger. It also has a real nice weight to it. And I have noticed I get two days of usage out of it with the OS and I haven’t come across any real bugs. Overall, despite loving the size of the curve, I find the Bold not too big at all and the faster processor is totally worth the extra size. The keyboard is greatly improved over the 8800 as well – I actually really like it. And last, the screen in amazing!

    All that being said, I would still like to get the Storm and try it out as well.

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