GPS Enabled BlackBerry Curve 8310 Set To Launch In The UK

According to, Vodafone, who recently launched the BlackBerry 8310 in Germany, will also carry the GPS enabled BlackBerry Curve in the UK as well.

The 8310 will be available from 3rd September and will be available on either BlackBerry personal or business price plans with prices starting at free, dependent on price plan, the satnav option is plan-dependent too.


  1. Ashutosh K Tiwary says

    A curve which is GPS enabled is like getting the best of not only two worlds but of all worlds. I love blackberry and adore it but as far as i am concerned, i use a Nokia E61i. I use the blackberry connect service on it. The only reason i don’t use a blackberry is it does not have editing facilities and is sim locked to Airtel and Hutch. Any idea when will it hit Indian shores???????

  2. Betty says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the curve is the best phone EVER!!!! u have to get it. i was trying to decide between the curve, pearl, or blackjack, but the curve is the prettiest out of them all. it also has a full keyboard and has the best red color. the curve has the best features out of all of them and more!!!!!!!!!! get the curve!!!!!

  3. Christina says

    Betty is so right!! i had the pearl and i just got the curve. the curve is so much better and is the perfect size. the pealr is to small and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to text. GET THE CURVE!!!


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