1. Eric says

    A better question is,”Do we care if it comes to Verizon?” :) I will be honest and say that I have never layed my hands on this phone, but I also have no desire to. Has someone checked this thing out? It seems a bit silly to me.

  2. says

    I am with you on this one Eric. The Pearl Flip is one BlackBerry that has never grown on me. I know a few people who have one though, and they just love it.

    When it does come to Verizon and Sprint, it would be a great device to put Push-to-Talk in.

  3. jg says

    Im quite interested actually; I love my Pearl and I like the idea of a Pearl with the bigger keys AND a larger screen. They are not clunky at all and appear better in person. The one hurdle I cant seem to get past is the smaller keys on the full keyboards. The Storm is the best device to address that condition for me, except for the quirks that are still being ironed out. I really value the small size in a phone. Email works fine. Of course if I had a browser that actually worked well I might value that more than its size…….

  4. bluehorseshoe says

    After dealing with the Storm, I’m open and inyersted in anything these days. So far my Pearl has been the best device I’ve had. And The Pearls size is nice. I tried the flip out at a TMO store and the browser was just too slow on edge. If it was on VZW, who knows…

  5. Eric says

    Having had the TMO Curve as well as my (current) VZW Curve, I don’t find the network all that much faster. It is faster on VZW, but not as fast as one would hope. Even on WiFi with the TMO Curve it wasn’t great, but certainly faster than EDGE or EVDO.

    I hope the next BB device released by VZW has WiFi.

  6. Anton Kucinski says

    I agree with jg. I’ve tried a Flip and am in love with the keyboard. It actually seems to have been designed for use by adult, male hands. Every time I come across a new qwerty phone I pick it up and play with it. The keyboards are nearly always a joke for me and my hands. The Flip is good and so is the LG Lotus. I’m with Sprint because of discounts I get so I need to wait for the CDMA version of this…….hope it’s soon

  7. Marty Unruh says

    Does anyone know if the iBerry app works with the flip 8230? I have this phone, and it is amazing!!!! I love the big keys and the compact size. Now the average guy that doesn’t want to appear a geek carrying a massive phone, can have a blackberry! Way to go!

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