BlackBerry Still #1, But, Android Is Coming On Strong

When it comes to smartphone market share in the United States, the BlackBerry is still king of the hill according to a recent report by comScore, however, Android is coming on strong.

For the three month period ending Feb. 10, RIM’s percentage of market share was 42.1%, up 1.3% from the same period a year earlier.  Android is still just a fraction of the total smartphone market at 9%, however, they were the only other platform to actually increase share, up 5.2%  year over year.  Apple remained relatively flat, down 0.1%, and Palm and Microsoft lost share, with -1.8% and -4.0% drops year over year.

It will be interesting to the comScore report for the three month period ending May.  Android should still be on the rise , Apple should still be flat, Windows should still be a dog.  The big questions for me are will you see RIM take a dip and will Verizon’s webOS campaign turn Palm positive?

[Via comScore]

  • gquaglia

    Tells me that everyone who wants a BB or iphone has one. I’m betting the iphone numbers will climb once they get out from under ATT’s thumb.

  • bluehorseshoe

    Apple will climb once it’s sold via VZW, 4.0 is released and multitasking is possible. Add in a front facing camera for video conferencing and it’s one sweet device. Yeah, I’d be on that bandwagon as a consumer, but loving Android as well. VZW, when the hell is the N1 going to be released? No longer will I sport a BB when that day comes…

  • Kevin

    Technically every company has a “fraction” of the market.

    “Android is still just a fraction of the total smartphone market…”

  • DavidB

    What are you smoking? You can say with a straight face that ANYTHING can save Palm from their drain-circling death spiral?

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

    • bluehorseshoe

      I love webOS, but I agree, nothing is going to save Palm. Saving webOS on the other hand would be beneficial to RIM…they could use an OS infusion. Personally, I think webOS is the best of the bunch if you put it on the right device/HW.

  • Duncan Leung

    I guess I’m one of those that are helping Android grow in marketshare =p I switched over from my 9700 to the HTC Hero. Though, hands down, I would rather be using the 9700, but the BB app store doesn’t work in China, and China Unicom’s 3G isn’t BB friendly =(