BlackBerry Still #1, But, Android Is Coming On Strong

When it comes to smartphone market share in the United States, the BlackBerry is still king of the hill according to a recent report by comScore, however, Android is coming on strong.

For the three month period ending Feb. 10, RIM’s percentage of market share was 42.1%, up 1.3% from the same period a year earlier.  Android is still just a fraction of the total smartphone market at 9%, however, they were the only other platform to actually increase share, up 5.2%  year over year.  Apple remained relatively flat, down 0.1%, and Palm and Microsoft lost share, with -1.8% and -4.0% drops year over year.

It will be interesting to the comScore report for the three month period ending May.  Android should still be on the rise , Apple should still be flat, Windows should still be a dog.  The big questions for me are will you see RIM take a dip and will Verizon’s webOS campaign turn Palm positive?

[Via comScore]


  1. gquaglia says

    Tells me that everyone who wants a BB or iphone has one. I’m betting the iphone numbers will climb once they get out from under ATT’s thumb.

  2. bluehorseshoe says

    Apple will climb once it’s sold via VZW, 4.0 is released and multitasking is possible. Add in a front facing camera for video conferencing and it’s one sweet device. Yeah, I’d be on that bandwagon as a consumer, but loving Android as well. VZW, when the hell is the N1 going to be released? No longer will I sport a BB when that day comes…

  3. Kevin says

    Technically every company has a “fraction” of the market.

    “Android is still just a fraction of the total smartphone market…”

  4. DavidB says

    What are you smoking? You can say with a straight face that ANYTHING can save Palm from their drain-circling death spiral?

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

    • bluehorseshoe says

      I love webOS, but I agree, nothing is going to save Palm. Saving webOS on the other hand would be beneficial to RIM…they could use an OS infusion. Personally, I think webOS is the best of the bunch if you put it on the right device/HW.

  5. says

    I guess I’m one of those that are helping Android grow in marketshare =p I switched over from my 9700 to the HTC Hero. Though, hands down, I would rather be using the 9700, but the BB app store doesn’t work in China, and China Unicom’s 3G isn’t BB friendly =(

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