Want Some BlackBerry Swag?



The BlackBerry Swag Up movement has officially started. I am working with Tech Guru @mrjlwilliams to bring all BlackBerry fans a chance to win some free BlackBerry swag courtesy of RIMarkable.com. Tweet up why you want some BlackBerry swag with hash tag #BlackBerrySwagUp and you could win that easy!

This special giveaway is all about BlackBerry Developer support and ensuring that we spread the love to all BlackBerry fans.

Check out the BlackBerry Fan club Channel – C002DE04B and join us today!

For more BlackBerry Swag info check out the video below. Enjoy and good luck!



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BlackBerry Fan club Channel – C002DE04B

A BlackBerry Met Up in Texas!

hank and jay

It’s not often that you get a chance to actually meet up with fellow BlackBerry supporters but over this past weekend in RoundRock,Tx I had a chance to finally meet up with J.Williams aka The Tech Guru. We shot a nice video talking about BlackBerry and tech. Check us out below and let us know what you think.




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Why You Should Get a BlackBerry Passport


So many people want to know just why the BlackBerry Passport is such an awesome device and why it is such a recommended phone for consumers and professionals.

Check out the video below from Tech Guru J.Williams aka @mrjlwilliams as he speaks about why he feels the BlackBerry Passport is such a great device and let us know how you feel about the BlackBerry Passport.


iGrann vs inst10, Which Do You Prefer?



Competition breeds quality and in the battle of Instagram clients for BlackBerry 10 it’s between iGrann and inst10 for bragging rights of just who is top dog. I am a true believer in diversity, not only in life but more specifically in our choices of products and services available to consumers as we all benefit in the end.

There are two major Instagram client applications available on BlackBerry 10 that will more than satisfy your need to get your Instagram fix resolved. Most users I have spoken with via social media actually prefer the Instagram clients over the official Insagram application based on usability and overall design.

I have both applications installed on each of my BlackBerry 10 devices and find myself in a continuous state of switching from iGrann to inst10. I actually have some features I prefer from each application which keeps me going back and forth between the two apps making it a tough decision to choose one over the other.

If you have been on BlackBerry 10 from the initial release of the OS, then you truly understand the struggle it was to have Instagram on your device. With the most recent OS updates for BlackBerry 10 and the development of Instagram clients, we now have 2 very solid applications to choose from.

Which Instagram client do you prefer, iGrann or inst10? You can download and install these applications in BlackBerry World today!

Let us know just which application you prefer and leave us some feedback.

Download inst10

Download iGrann






Protect Your BlackBerry Device

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.17.40 PM

Ensure that your new BlackBerry device is covered with the BlackBerry Care Protection Plan today. Device accidents do happen and when they do than can usually be some costly repairs in order to fix or replace your device. With the BlackBerry Care Protection plan you now have some extra protection at your fingertips just in case the unfortunate happens.

BlackBerry Care is currently available for the Passport, Leap and Classic and you must purchase with in 30 days of your BlackBerry device purchase date.  There are some details including options for customers who have owned their devices over 30 days so if you are in that bracket you just may have some options available for BlackBerry Care.

Check out the link below for more detailed information about pricing and availability to see if you qualify to purchase BlackBerry Care.



The BlackBerry Care Protection Plan has been designed to meet your particular needs so you are protected when it matters by providing an easy claims process that begins by calling a toll free number or logging in to your online account.

In the event of a claim, the BlackBerry Care Protection plan customer service representative will personally walk you through your claim options, which may include an advanced exchange arriving the next day3 or your smartphone being repaired by BlackBerry4. This personal service helps you to be up and running again faster.

Get BlackBerry Care today!