Save The Date…September 24th, 2014



Save the date folks! On September 24th 2014, BlackBerry is planning to host a special invite only event in Dubai, London and Toronto. Now there is a lot of speculation on what BlackBerry plans to unveil at this event including the much talked about BlackBerry Passport device and or some hot new software simply called BlackBerry Blend.

I wish I was able to make any of the 3 specified event locations in order to provide the best news coverage available but at this time seems like I’ll be watching from the sidelines. Let’s hope they broadcast and stream the events live on line in order provide a chance for those not as fortunate to experience all of the festivities online that BlackBerry has to offer.

I am very excited to see what BlackBerry has up their sleeves and maybe just maybe we might get a Playbook 2, now that would be just too awesome. What do you think BlackBerry will announce at this special event?






BlackBerry Z3 The UnBoxing/Review


Most of the consumer base in the United States still have no idea that BlackBerry continues to make devices. It’s a shame but hey what can you say, it is what it is at this point. Not only is BlackBerry still making devices, they are making very good devices as well.

The BlackBerry Z3 is the latest BlackBerry device out today. While not available in all countries, this device as all the specs needed to satisfy the average consumer and more.

BlackBerry will continue to show a slow growth and still has a lot of gas left in the tank. Recently a device release roadmap was provided showing that not only is BlackBerry far from dead but they are actually ready to provide the enterprise customer and consumer base some brand new heat.

We will see what the future of BlackBerry has to offer as far as new devices are concerned, but in the meantime check out the video below for the BlackBerry Z3 unboxing and review.  Enjoy!




BB10 OS A Walkthrough


With BlackBerry 10.3 and 10.3.1 moving closer and closer to a release date, the expectations continue to grow daily in and around the BlackBerry community. Like it or not, there will be leaks and last week OS was released to the public. Now this is not the official release in no way shape or form but it is enough to satisfy those BlackBerry users who are craving to get an early look at OS 10.3.

Thanks to a good friend over at, a walkthrough video has been provided in order to show off some of the new features of OS 10.3. Now I must advise that this is just a leaked release version so nothing is set in stone, but from personally rocking the 10.3 leak I must say that from what I see BlackBerry will be bringing some heat to the BB10 OS.

Enjoy the video below and let us know what you think.




Wallpaper Changer HD


Yesterday I jumped on an opportunity to download and install Wallpaper Changer HD for BlackBerry 10. I happen to get a discount code which allowed me to get the application for free which was great. Once the application was installed I was immediately satisfied with the overall look, feel and options of Wallpaper Changer HD.

I posted some screen shots late last night on Twitter via Blaq and got a lot of followers asking me where I got the app and the wallpaper.

I decided to put together a quick demo video to show some of the uses of the app and the options to customize as needed. Check out the video below and I also provided some details and a link to download the application via BlackBerry World.

Right now take advantage of the limited time sale price of 50% off. Wallpaper Changer HD is normally $1.99 so I would jump on this deal quick!

*** LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE 50% OFF! *** Wallpaper Changer HD is now headless, you no longer need to keep the active frame open. (OS 10.2.1 and above)  Always keep your home screen looking fresh and new. Now with the added Super Bar featured Wallpaper Changer is the ultimate home and lock screen customization tool! There is no other app like it. 

Don’t have any wallpapers or looking for some new ones? Download over 100 high-definition wallpaper packs right from within the app!  The Super Bar is a new and unique feature to display additional information below the status bar on your home screen (and on the lock screen). At a quick glance you and see your battery status, weather, date and more.

You can configure many options including disabling the Super Bar to use just the wallpaper function, or you can disable the wallpaper function to just use the Super Bar. 

Download Here 

Premium Belt Clip Case by Saapni for BlackBerry Z30


Today my new Premium Belt Clip Case by Saapni arrived via UPS. This case looks so good on the white BlackBerry Z30, I usually like to rock my phones without a case to show the build quality but this case just seemed like a natural fit. Check out the specs and video below, I also incuded a link to the case as well. Enjoy!

Saapni Premium Blackberry Z30 Holster Combo – Rubberized Ribbed Texture Shell and Holster with Fixed Ratching Belt Clip – Black

  • Complete protective set, includes: belt holster & case
  • Rubberized ribbed texture for firm, non-slip grip case.
  • Swiveling belt clip holster for easy access.
  • Compatible with Blackberry Z30
  • Black Combo Belt Clip Holster Cover + Hard Case for Blackberry Z30



Order here at

The Red Dot Say’s BlackBerry is Beautiful


When it comes to a well built, well designed smart phone BlackBerry has always presented a beautiful device. One of my most favorite designs was the BlackBerry Bold 9900. That device just had luxury all over the build of the phone and still to this day I marvel at how beautifully built the 9900 was and still is.

With the release of BlackBerry 10 along came the Z10, this design was smooth and basic. All black with a  with nice rounded edges and as an introductory phone for BB10 it proved to be one that would catch the eye and have people saying things like, “that’s a BlackBerry?”  [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Music on BB10

amazon app


Take full advantage of the Amazon Prime Music app on BlackBerry 10. If you are a current Amazon Prime account holder you now have access to over 1 million songs add free. Amazon Prime Music is a nice streaming music application and offers a wide variety of options and settings in order for users to take full advantage of what Prime Music has to offer. Build your ultimate playlist, browse different genres, check out the best sellers, new releases and top singles all on your BlackBerry 10 device.

Now this is not a native built BlackBerry 10 application as Prime Music can be downloaded via the Amazon App Store. If you are currently on BlackBerry OS 10.2, you have the option to download and install the Amazon App Store on your device.

I have installed Prime Music and have been pretty impressed with the selection of music available. I will say that since the application is not native and is depending on BlackBerry’s Android Runtime, the application at times can be a little sluggish and not as smooth that I would like it to be compared to a native built BlackBerry 10 application.

BlackBerry has plans to improve the all-around performance of its run time application especially since the latest news of the BlackBerry Amazon deal. Word from CEO John Chen is that a maintenance update is coming for all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2. This update will bring some stabilization to Android Runtime on BB10.

I have out together a quick demo of Amazon Prime Music in action running on the BlackBerry z30 with OS 10.2. Check out the link below for more detailed information on Amazon Prime Music. Enjoy!

Amazon Prime Music

The BlackBerry Classic , Passport & Earnings Call


chen earningThere was so much news from BlackBerry today it’s almost overwhelming. Today BlackBerry had their quarterly financial earnings call which brought some much needed good news for a company that many had left for dead. In no way shape or form is BlackBerry dead or dying but yet the company, under the guidance of CEO John Chen, has shown that it’s ready to go the entire 12 rounds if need be.

Not only did today earnings call bring a positive response from Wall Street, there was also the announcement of 2 new BlackBerry 10 devices set to be released before the end of the year. The BlackBerry Classic and the BlackBerry Passport are the names of the two new devices that BlackBerry will have to offer.

All these announcements and activity are fresh off the heels of a blockbuster to deal announced yesterday with Amazon to bring the Amazon App Store to BlackBerry 10 this fall. I am very excited to see BlackBerry make some strategic and well thought moves in order to position themselves to be in a much better place to help increase there value among consumers and enterprise customers alike.

I haven’t been this excited over BlackBerry news since the release of BlackBerry 10 just close to two years ago. I have much faith in the direction of the company and would hope that they stay true to the game and remain BlackBerry all around.

I have provided some links to some articles below detailing the earnings call and the new BlackBerry 10 devices. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


Earnings Report via NY Times

BlackBerry Classic and Passport via Mobile Syrup


The BlackBerry/Amazon Appstore Deal

appstore 22

Today MarketWatch posted an article that BlackBerry and Amazon are expected to announce a deal that would give BlackBerry exclusive rights to Amazon’s ecommerce app store. This would be huge news as BlackBerry has not had the developer love it had hoped for from big time app developers and companies to bring native built apps over to BlackBerry World.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now as current BB10 users, who have OS 10.2 running on their devices, can actually down load and install the Amazon App store directly on the BlackBerry 10 devices. Thanks to the beautiful built BlackBerry 10 operating system and the implementation of the Android Runtime feature, this allows BlackBerry users to download and install .apk files directly and run them on BlackBerry 10 devices.

Now if this deal goes through, this could be the leading way to BlackBerry having full access to Google Play services which most of the applications that are in Amazon App store require to run. Who knows what’s in store for BlackBerry assuming this deal goes through.

I get questions all the time about what happens to native BlackBerry App development and how would having access to Android apps play a role with BlackBerry World?

Well my thoughts are this, the runtime feature BlackBerry has built into OS 10 will continue to improve. There are no apps built specifically for Android devices that will run as smooth as a native built BlackBerry application. I welcome the access and understand the positioning, but I am in full support of the continued development of native BlackBerry Built applications.

Let’s see how this plays out and what the future holds for BlackBerry 10. Let us know your thought’s.