Free Gift Giveaways from BlackBerry World

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BlackBerry is giving away 20 apps for BB10 users December 10th-25th, 2014. Make sure you go into BlackBerry World and take full advantage of this Festive Giveaway today!

Here is a list of the apps available in the giveaway;

  • Sportrate Workout
  • HUB++ LED Notifications
  • Super Note
  • Smart Contact Share
  • 2048++
  • What To-Do
  • Bubble Breaker
  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Notification Hub
  • Ultimate Backup for BlackBerry 10
  • Dream Remote
  • Safe Drive
  • Call Manager PRO
  • AntiTheft Alarm
  • Hub Browser
  • Phone Tap-Call Blocker
  • Profile Manager
  • Retro Rogue
  • The Odyssey HD
  • Bricktastic


Festive Giveaway

Is There Any Real Use for Tablets Anymore?


On April 30, 2013 then BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins had some serious questions about the future of tablets. “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg. That statement alone rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, especially those supporters of the Blackberry Playbook and other tablet devices. 

I mention that statement because as the years have gone by, smart phones have continued to get smarter and bigger in size. Some of today’s largest smart phones/phablet’s have even reached the 6″ mark in size which is much to be said about the current direction of smart phones. 

With the current selection of 5-6″ smart phones on the market and the emergence of faster and more powerful processors, a majority of smart phones now pack the punch to directly compete and actually out perform most tablets on the market today. 

I have a total of 3 tablets ( iPad Mini, Nexus 7 & the Playbook ) in which I haven’t had a use for any of them in more than 3-4 months. With the recent addition of the BlackBerry Passport to my smart phone family, I have all but abandoned my tablets as there is no real need or want to actually use any of them other than to keep them charged in case I have to demo product software. 

My son uses his Nexus 7 for nothing more than a gaming system and uses his Playbook occasionally as multimedia device. As a 13 yr old, his use case scenarios for tablets is very much different from what I would use a tablet for. I find myself way more productive on my BlackBerry Passport than I can ever be on my iPad Mini or Nexus 7. 

I may be in the minority here, but there is NO way I can see myself investing in another tablet in the near future. Id rather spend the extra money and get me a decent laptop in which I have no limitations as far as productivity and or invest in a new smart phone of my choice. The tablets of today all seem the same, nothing different bringing the same amount of options as the rest; Movies, Games, Facebook, Twitter etc…I can do all that and more on my BlackBerry Passport while truly remaining mobile. 

If mobile computing is really the future are tablets included?  Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

BlackBerry Classic, Is It For You?



The launch of the new BlackBerry Classic smart phone is less than 7 days away. The event will be held in New York City, Frankfurt and Singapore on December 17th, 2014.

There are a lot of people who are very interested in what BlackBerry has to offer with the new Classic as it will bring back that most loved trackpad having the look and feel of what was arguably one of the most  popular BlackBerry devices, the Bold 9900.

I had a chance to play with the Classic and I must say that I was very impressed with the overall design and build of the phone. I also instantly fell in love with the keyboard as it brought back some deep-rooted feelings that I had for my old Bold 9930.

The Classic will come with the BlackBerry 10 OS also preloaded with the Amazon Appstore as well. With  a price tag of $449 via ShopBlackBerry ,If you are looking for a phone that will satisfy your app cravings while keeping you 100% productive, then I would suggest this phone as a choice.

Pre order your BlackBerry Classic today and join in on #INeedMyBB at [Read more…]

BlackBerry BES 12 Event Live Today at 9AM PST


BlackBerry will be hosting its BES 12 event live from San Francisco today starting at 9AM PST.

With the upcoming release of its BES12 software and services, BlackBerry looks to solidify the enterprise market by providing a complete end to end secure cross platform management.

This new version of BES 12 will allow IT managers to handle not only all BlackBerry OS’s but will also allow the management of iOS and Android devices as well.


You can watch the stream live here at and see what BlackBerry has to offer with BES12.

BBM Updated…Check Out the Cool New Features


BBM was recently updated and they added some nice cool features that will benefit all BBM users. The message retract feature is one that I am truly enjoying as I have sent messages to the wrong BBM contact before only to find myself apologizing for the mishap. 

I have over 250 BBM contacts between 3 BlackBerry 10 devices, iOS and Windows Phone. Making sure I send the correct message to the right person is key and now with message retraction I can do that.

BBM also now lets you set a time limit on shared photos. So if you want to share a photo with any BBM contact you now have to option to set a time limit on how long you want the photo shared to view. 

Another cool feature is the HD image request. I love to share images via BBM and BBM has made it much easier to request the highest quality HD image from that user. 

BBM continues to add features to the program that makes this messaging app #1 in my book. Check out the promo video below and let us know what you think of the new added features in the latest update to BBM. 



Poll: Should BlackBerry Release a New Tablet?


There have been rumors and rumblings via social media that BlackBerry could be releasing another tablet. According to an article over at , BlackBerry has a confirmed a new tablet in the works.

If BlackBerry was to release a new tablet I’m sure they would get it right this time but does it make sense from a business perspective? With the release of the BlackBerry Blend software which allows you to run the software on a PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets, will there really be a need for another BlackBerry tablet?

I for one would love to see a new tablet from BlackBerry but that’s just me. With the BlackBerry 10 Operating System combined with the ability to run a majority of Android applications, this could be a big positive for BlackBerry. I think about security first and apps second when it comes to the devices I choose to use.

Should BlackBerry release a new tablet? Let us know what you think in the poll below. 


BlackBerry Blend on iOS


BlackBerry continues to innovate in order to make your work and play life much easier. With the BlackBerry Blend software, you are able to expand your BlackBerry 10 device options and features cross platform to take full advantage of you tablets, PC and Mac devices. 

You have the option to blend at work, home and while mobile knowing that you are very secure while using BlackBerry Blend on your additional devices. I have put together a demo video showing BlackBerry Blend running on an iPad Mini with i0S 8 installed. 

I also have provided an additional link below that goes into more detail concerning the uses and features of BlackBerry Blend. Currently in order to use BlackBerry Blend you must have a BlackBerry Passport device and or the BlackBerry Porsche P’9983 running the latest BB10 OS. 

*UPDATE- Make sure you have the BlackBerry Blend client opened for full access when using it on any device.

Enjoy the demo!