Snap2Chat…BlackBerry World Approved!




Snap2Chat has now been approved for BlackBerry World. While still in its late beta stages, there are some small bugs that need to be worked out before the developer is truly comfortable for its addition to BlackBerry World.

For those unfamiliar with the application, Snap2Chat is a native Snap chat client built for BlackBerry 10. While I’m not a Snap chat user, Snap2Chat will provide BlackBerry 10 users with the ability to Snap chat it up.

Currently the latest release version is I have provided a link below to the file for download which will require users to side load the app in order to install on your BlackBerry 10 device. The developer is asking for users to download the latest version and provide feedback in order to help make Snap2Chat’s user experience the best possible. [Continue reading]

Check Out MockIt App for BlackBerry 10


Social Media continues to move forward daily. Mobile applications for Social Media such as BBM, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few are leading the way in how we communicate and socialize with each other.

I am a big advocate of Social Media as I use it for business, work and entertainment. One of the coolest things about the entertainment part of Social Media is the ability to create a Meme from a photo and add a hilarious or conscious caption about the photo and share that with the world.

Other platforms have already developed mobile applications to help make this process much easier but nothing was truly there for the BlackBerry 10 OS until today. With the release of OS 10.2 and the support for Android Runtime there was access to those apps but nothing available natively built for BB10.

MockIt App from  was released from the Beta Zone and now is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World. MockIt is a native built mobile application built to assist users in generating meme’s to share with the world.  MockIt has a nice build quality and the user interface is easy to navigate. Upon downloading it and installing the application, I created a Meme in like 30 seconds and shared it via Social Media.  [Continue reading]

SMRPodcast #204: My Girlfriend Cortana

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SMR Podcast #203:Digging Holes


Episode #203 of the SMRPodcast has been recorded. posted an is ready for your consumption. This weeks finds us limping a little as our third leg Robb is on vacation however, Rod and Chris still give you a good show. We start the show recapping our … [Continue reading]

AT&T Offers BlackBerry Customers Attractive Deal


AT&T has stepped up to the plate and put together a very nice offer for qualified BlackBerry customers. Today I received word that AT&T is offering BlackBerry customers the opportunity to get a new BlackBerry Device for $0 down and the option … [Continue reading]

BlackBerry Gives T-Mobile It’s Wish


Well if you would have been reading between the lines, this shouldn't be that much of a surprise that BlackBerry has decided that it is best not to renew its T-Mobile U.S., Inc. Licensing agreement. This comes of the heels of some bad blood spewing … [Continue reading]

A Dad’s Look at OS 10.2.1 for The Z30

Today I ran across a video review update for the BlackBerry Z30 over at Originally did an initial review of the Z30 but it was prior to the 10.2.1 update. This video review featured BlackBerry 10's OS 10.2.1 update and … [Continue reading]

BlackBerry’s End of The Year & Q4 2014 Results


    Earlier this Morning BlackBerry Limited released it's End of the Year results and Fiscal Q4 Highlights. You can see the results below. Earning's call expected at 8am Eastern today. … [Continue reading]

The New BlackBerry Z3 Smartphone


    BlackBerry continues to push at Mobile World 2014 in Barcelona. Today BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Z3, which is the first BlackBerry device built by device maker Foxconn. BlackBerry signed a 5 year deal with Foxconn back … [Continue reading]