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Maximize Your Passport’s Ultimate Potential

The BlackBerry Passport is a powerful and productive device with tons of options to help you complete multiple task while on the go. Productivity today is key in this ever changing tech world we live in and with the BlackBerry Passport you have a device that … [Read More...]


Want to Customize Your BBM PIN?

Today at Mobile World Conference is Barcelona, BlackBerry made it official that you can now have a customized BBM PIN through it's paid subscription service.  This feature will be available for all current and new BBM users who are on BlackBerry and Android … [Read More...]


I Really Like This BlackBerry Passport Review

There have been tons of reviews for the BlackBerry Passport since it's launch, some done in very poor taste and some done with love. Check out this Passport unboxing & hands on review from my buddy J.Williams, you can follow him on … [Read More...]