The Yet To Be Officially Announced BlackBerry Onyx Gets A TrackPad

BlackBerry Onyx Gets A TrackPad

It has been rumored that the yet to be officially announced BlackBerry Onyx that should be coming out on T-Mobile around Septemeber would get an optical TrackPad instead of the trackball that has been standard on BlackBerry devices going back to the Blackberry 8800.  Judging by this picture of the BlackBerry Onyx next to is cousin, the BlackBerry Gemini, it looks like the rumors were correct.



  1. Tyler says


    First, there are at least five typos in the headline of this article. Correctly, it should read, “The Yet-to-be-Officially-Announced BlackBerry Onyx gets a Trackpad.” (The “P” in “Trackpad” should not be capitalized, but I suppose it’s acceptable.)

    Next, the Onyx 9020 will be an AT&T device. Not T-Mobile. T-Mobile will be getting a similar device code-named “Driftwood”, and the model number and release date for T-Mobile Driftwood haven’t been announced officially or unofficially.

    Also, the Gemini is the Curve 8520. There’s no longer a reason to use its code-name.


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