XM Radio Comes To The BlackBerry

XM and QuickPlay announced yesterday XM Radio Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones. For $7.99 per month select model BlackBerry users will get access to 20 channels of XM programming, mostly commercial free music channels as well as The Virus (uncensored talk) and XM Comedy (uncensored comedy) via QuickPlay’s OpenVideo.

I have XM in my car on doubt that I will ever buy a car again that doesn’t have it. For me personally, however, the 20 channels that are initially being offered just aren’t enough. I carry my iPod around with me everywhere and I can get all the commercial free music that I want. The real draw of XM, in my opinion, is all of the sports, news, and talk radio that you get.

I may try the 24-hour trial, however, I think I will be a bit more interested when they offer more of the XM channels that I actually listen to.



  1. Ben P says

    while the idea of XM on my Pearl is cool… the price doesnt fit the ammount of channels I’d be recieving.

    And like you, Robb, I carry around a 80GB iPod 3/4 of the way full of all my 4 and 5 star albums… that I can set to play at random… catagorized by genre…

    Now if they could somehow build the cost into an existing XM subscription some how… like an extra $2-$4 a month to be able to get it on your Blackberry… then I might be interested.

  2. bluehorseshoe says

    I have Sirius for Howard Stern and sports. XM would be nice for baseball, but otherwise that’s it for me. And I agree, 20 channels for the price isn’t worth it.

  3. says

    I don’t like XM. 32kbs over the internet? Virtually no MLB over the internet?

    quite disappointing. I bought one for my dad and he never used it. Now I have three more months to figure out how to use it before the subscription ends.

  4. gameboy213 says

    Looks great…. sounds bad, too expensive for the channels offered, volume doesn’t control the app if you are in another one, email comes in and the sounds of XM cuts out so you have to restart the channel.
    Good try but not worth it.

  5. cindi says

    I have XM radio and can listen on my desktop and laptop. there is not an extra charge for this by paying for a year subscription. Tried to use same web site on blackberry but it said it requires a browser that supports iframes? Not sure what that means.

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