Would you use a BlackBerry with no data plan?

There is a very interesting thread over on Howard Forums that asks if you would use a BlackBerry without a data plan. For me personally, the BlackBerry is not a good enough PDA nor mobile phone for me to use it without being able to get email or even browse the web. Others have a very different opinion, however.

Would you use a BlackBerry without a data plan?

  • Lisa

    Hmmm…interesting reading. I have been with T-Mobile for years and I bought a couple of used blackberrys and just had to put in my simcard from my old samsumg and it worked fine. Then, I bought the first blackberry pearl when it first came out…before it was a “requirement” to get the data plan in order to buy it….this was 2008, I think. Now, my poor blackberry is falling apart and I want to get the blackberry flip off of ebay, and I am wondering if I buy this phone used and put my simcard in from my old pearl, will T-Mobile miraculously start charging me for the data plan. I really need to know this before I get the flip.

  • alex

    no it wont charge you for it, as far as they know you have ur same phone. i did the same thing

  • mark farrell

    so if i buy a black berry off of amazon with no data plan and i put in my sim card will it work?? or do i need a data plan to get into it?

  • Diane

    Hi – I’m wondering if you did this, and it worked. Because I have ATT, and I did the exact same thing – moved my sim card from my non-smart phone into an old BB I had around the house because I wanted a qwerty keyboard for texting.

    Lo and behold, ATT recognized that I had switched phones and the charge showed up on my next bill. If anyone knows a way around that, I’d like to know.

    • Susie

      Same thing happen to me also. I went from a non smart phone to a BB 8800 series and now ATT sent me a text message saying they added a data plan on to my account. So I was wondering have you had any conclusion yet as to get around this?

      • Diane

        I argued extensively with ATT and looked at every resource I could find and to my knowledge, there is no way around this. I personally found another non-smart phone with a better keyboard and moved my sim card into that phone, and then cancelled the ATT BB plan.

    • Hrcprc007

      Try to use the plastic sim card unlocker, its a plastic case for your sim card, you put it in your device and it unblocks it to for use on other network providers. That plastic card blocks your BBs mac address, maiby that way ATT won’t recognise your blackberry device and won’t charge you aditional costs. My phone was stolen about 6 months ago and when I reported it to the police they tried to track it, they couldn’t find my phone. They said, that my phone has been turn off and battery taken out, or it has this sim card unlocker.
      I hope that I helped you. BTW I have bought blackberry yesterday and I have a similar problem, I have already flat rate internet on my device at t-mobile Croatia for 20$/month, they want to charge me an aditional 15$ bucks for blackberry instant email, I refused it.

  • Jake

    I was wondering the same thing. I have att with no data plan, just texting. I want a new phone and I would like to get a blackberry, but I won’t pay for the data plan. Would Att charge it if I don’t use the data features or can I avoid it. HELP!!!

  • Greg

    I went down to a Parrot Cellular (AT&T Reseller) and the guy said AT&T would figure it out and start charging.

    • Jake

      What if I had them block data?

      • Diane

        Doesn’t matter if you block the data. That’s what I tried – but ATT didn’t care. They said if I had a BB and it was connected to the network, I had to pay for a BB plan, even if data was blocked and I never used it.

  • Shelby

    What about with T-Mobile? I have a non-smart phone, and my current Data Plan is unlimited texting. I want to get a blackberry (used, through ebay or amazon). I know most blackberries have Wi-fi, and so if I get wifi (Like in my house or at school) I shouldn’t be charged for data right?

    • Lisa

      I have T-Mobile….I got the flip back in August and just put in my simcard and am still using it…and have not been charged for data to date. Now, if I bought that bb from T-Mobile, they would have forced the data plan on me, but I got this phone off of EBay.

    • Lisa

      I also think I read somewhere that certain model numbers will “require” a data plan…cant remember where the break is….I think it may start with the BB Curve model 8300. Mine is a 8200.

  • Jamie

    So my friend and i want to switch phones….i have a samsung and he has a blackberry but it doesnt have the data plan, so if we switch will they start charging me or not?

  • Darby

    Yes, they will charge you automatically if you switch from a non-smartphone to a Blackberry. I think it is ridiculous! I did the same thing.. not even thinking about it. Sure enough, AT&T charged me for a BB and data plan. :(

    • Susie

      I also think it’s ridiculous for ATT to charge for the data plan. I got this BB 8800 series for christmas and now ATT is charging me 25 dollars a month for the data plan. Ergh…and I don’t even use the internet on the phone. I guess its there way of making money. I called ATT and yes they told me, I will be charge for the data plan even without my consent.

  • Dave

    I was told by T-Mobile that cell companies CANNOT force you to use a data plan. The phone you use is independent of the company. If the rep you talk to says no, ask for a higher level rep and continue to push it, on to the next level after that, if necessary. Different reps have wildly different understandings of the rules and rate plans. If they will not allow you to drop it, fill out an FCC complaint at their website. They have to respond to the FCC.

    • Diane

      Interesting. I went up 3 levels at ATT and never got anywhere. They told me if I didn’t like it, I could get another cell phone company. So that’s what I plan to do.

  • Jordan

    Dont quote me on this but i heard that if it is a unlocked att blackberry you could just use it without a data plan but it wasnt the most reliable source so you would have to try it out. I dont have the money right now to try it but when I do and I get the bb I will post a comment if you can.

  • Gertrude

    I don’t have a smart phone nor do I have the data plan. If I buy a blackberry curve will the phone work? And will U.S Cellular charge me for the data plan? Please help it means a lot. Thank you and God bless

    • eeeerrica .

      Yes they will charge you ecause you get apps, games, Internet, email, and much more! Yes the phone will work but they if you get it you have to buy a data package. I hope this helped, bye!

  • lisa

    Okay, I have a blackberry 8310 for at&t. I used it for a couple of months, they never charged me for the data plans and then my brother and I switched phone. He put in his sim card, not even for a month and they send him a text saying that they charged him for the data plans. I would like to know if anyone knows, if this is the changed of 2011, saying that you will have data plans no matter what? My brother doesn’t want the data plans cause he has unlimited text cause of the key board, is there any way to cancel the data plans?

    • Raymond

      You can cancel the data plan anytime but you need to use a none blackberry phone, it sucks, but is the way att is doing

  • terry

    I have a BB storm 2 unlocked I use ATT and they have not charged me a single penny for using the phone. however I took out SMS and they put it back in so now i get charged for text messaging.


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  • courtney

    how much is a blackberry style per month without a data plan?