Would you use a BlackBerry with no data plan?

There is a very interesting thread over on Howard Forums that asks if you would use a BlackBerry without a data plan. For me personally, the BlackBerry is not a good enough PDA nor mobile phone for me to use it without being able to get email or even browse the web. Others have a very different opinion, however.

Would you use a BlackBerry without a data plan?


  1. says

    I do use a blackberry with no data plan. Why?

    1. I got tired of carrying a phone plus a PDA around. I wasn’t carrying the PDA around and that hurt my productivity (Yes, I’ve read David Allen’s Getting Things Done and rely on some of his stuff)
    2. Sync to outlook is really, really good.
    3. Keyboard is a requirement for me. I use it to take short notes, update calendar and task items.
    4. It’s the cheepest solution for a phone + PDA + keyboard. Older models 7200’s can be had for $100 on ebay, and even the newer ones are sometimes less than Treos.
    5. Feels more durable than other solutions. It’s not a touchscreen so I’m less worried about it getting scratched up/damaged/misaligned.

    That’s my reasoning… May not apply to your situation :-)

    – Mike

  2. Daniel says

    I use a Treo 650 on Sprint with a data plan for work – my personal phone is on Verizon Wireless, because all my friends have Verizon and when my wife and I were dating, we racked up 3,000 minutes a month of “IN-Network Calling”. I got a BB7130 on VZW as my personal phone to keep track of all my personal contacts and calendar, which syncs with Yahoo Calendar/Outlook. Works great, plus I can send text messages.

    The only time I wish I had a data plan is when I want to rec’ve a picture message or send myself a ringtone. (Is there a way to send a ringtone over the data cable that I don’t know about?)

  3. says

    i think i wouldn’t use it without a data plan.. the bueaty about it is checking your emails on the go. if i end up with a job, that does not require instant checks to my inbox, i doubt i would be carrying it. Having said that, soon after i saw the 8707v BlackBerry – i loved it. it would certainly be my next upgrade from the 7100v BlackBerry.

  4. TeeCee says

    Well I am late to the party, but the answer is and would be with one small problem to be a resounding YES. Yes I have been using a Blackberry without a data plan for the last six months. My old Motorola StarTAC finally bit the dust. When I went to the Verizon sales person with my list of requirements, size and ability to sync with the contact manager on my PC were the major criteria, which were the same criteria for purchasing the StarTAC. Amazingly, many new phones can’t sync up directly to a computer. The shame is that Verizon now insists on charging for a data plan so the Balckberry will probably have to go away.

  5. Dale says

    I want to use my Blackberry Pearl without a data plan since I don’t really need the internet functions. However, when I turned off the data plan, I found that my ability to sync to Outlook was also terminated. This is a real problem since syncing to Outlook was a primary reason for purchasing this phone. At this point I’m quite disappointed. Has anyone heard of a solution to this???

  6. kim says

    So wait….if you do not have a data plan you cannot browse the web? I thought that the data plan was only for emails etc…I took the blackberry curve because I needed a good phone with some pda functions and access to internet for stock trading. I did not get the data plan with cingular. I jsut upgraded from my previosu existing plan which did not include any data plan…Will I be able to browse and surf the web and trade stocks if I do not have a data plan?

  7. lindsey says

    i just got a blackberry pearl and LOVE it! i have added a data plan for both email and internet (you can choose only email data plan) and i love the fact that i can see emails instantly once i receive them. i don’t browse the web that often with the phone, but i do use the instant message (which requires internet data plan) and receives instant messages from my friends. i really like the size and the looks of it too! very handy.

  8. Optimus_PRime says

    YEs and yeS

    The PDA function of my curve is awesome, even without the BB plan I will still get the Curve, the keyboard layout is great ( although abit too small compare to my E61i, but the speed is great.
    The only bad thing(?) is that I can’t have the application on the memory card, It have to run from Phone memory which is very limited

  9. Adam Lerman says

    One way to use the Pearl (or any blackberry) without data but still get your email is to get the email stored in a CSV file the right way, then import into Outlook as Notes, assuming you do not use notes. I wrote a small program that downloads the last 30 days messages from Gmail and saves them into a correctly formatted CSV, that way, i run the program, tell notes to import, then sync. Its not perfect, but i get my email onto the blackberry.

    If you want some help getting this working, call me from the button at adamlerman.com

  10. Kimmie Nguyen says

    Hi there! I’m glad to hear that you can cut off the data plan on a Verizon Pearl. However, I am wondering how is it possible that to get the plan off in the first place because all the Vzn reps said that a blackberry account HAS TO HAVE it. Thanks!

  11. Sumit Agarwal says

    I second Kimmie’s post. How can I get a Verizon Pearl sans data plan? It seems to be by-far the best-suited phone for my needs, except I do not need the data portion of it.

  12. E says

    I third the posts above me, how can this be done? I have asked several times and Verizon is telling me that I HAVE TO have this data plan

  13. ryan says

    if i have a regular phone and plan and i wan to activate a blackberry will they let me do it on the website? and also can i ativate it without a data plan and just using it as a phone?? i need help

  14. Nate says

    I have a co-worker who has a Blackberry with no data plan, and the data package turned off so there are no surprise chargers. (He is with ATT).

    I have spoken with Verizon; Their tech support as confirmed that you do not need a data plan to run the phone and use PDA functions, however their sale associates will not sell you a Blackberry without it.

    I am counting down the months till I will be leaving Verizon.

  15. prock says

    I have been doing my research. I really would like a blackberry pearl but the problem is that i have verizon. Like many people, I have asked verizon if I could purchase the bb pearl but bypass the extra $30 a month for the data plan. They said no. After reading post it seems like verizon and consumers have different answers. Has ANYONE actually tried activating a bb without the data plan recently that has verizon? What happend?

  16. Rachel says

    I have been trying to find out if i can use the blackberry world edition (8830) with out the data plan from verizon wireless. Verizon told me i could not use the phone with no data plan yet some above me say that they only wont sell you the blackberry without the data plan, yet if i bought mine off of ebay would i be able to activate the phone online? using the verizon web site.

  17. Kathy says

    I purchased a blackberry off of ebay. I use verizon… They would not let me activate the black berry online or calling a rep. without paying the extra 30.00.
    I’ve been trying to find a way to get around that but so far, its failed.

  18. anthony says

    Hey all, to those who want to have their blackberry without a dataplan.

    It is possible, you have to ask for a pay as you go data plan and then request a data block on your account. Here’s a forum that will tell you a little more in depth. It’s easier to do this through technical support than through customer service FYI.

  19. jacinta says

    I’m on the phone with VZW rep. there is no way to have a BB WITHOUT a data plan.
    there is NO pay as you go data plan

  20. Brian says

    I’m on a family share plan with Verizon. I literally just upgraded to the BB Pearl 8130 at Best Buy with NO BB DATA PLAN. My plan did not change at all. I think all this is just Verizon’s attempt to nickel and dime its customers.

  21. Brian says

    WOW, I shouldn’t have second doubted you guys. After my previous post, Verizon added the $44 BB Data Plan to my account. WTF! This happened without any notice, whatsoever.

  22. Steve says

    Has anyone tried getting a BB with the data plan and then cancelling the dataplan? You would already have the BB and you can sync it wth the BB desktop software (for calendar and contacts anyway). VZ would probably charge you but my quess is that it would be less than the $40 amount that they charge for the dataplan.

  23. Brian says

    I recently upgraded to a BB Pearl with Verizon. I did not request a data plan, and Verizon automatically added one to my account. I spoke to various customer service reps and they refused to remove the data plan each time. So as of now, I don’t think that it is at all possible to purchase a BB and cancel the data plan.

  24. a. says

    Guys, I work in a GSM operator, and I got a BB Pearl 8100 from somewhere else, and I use it without a data plan only for voice and Sms. That really sucks because that wasnt my reason for getting it. As per submitting to a data plan, I dont want it because I dont want the emails, corporate data, etc. I just want to use the internet for web surfing.
    Every BB HAS TO HAVE A LICENSE. And my company refuses to give me one, (as Im not senior enough for them) and the technical people would not help. Now, the question is, if I find a way to use the internet without a data plan, what will be the pricing? Has anyone tried this?

  25. says


    You don’t have to get on your companies BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) in order to get internet access, however, you will need to get BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) from your wireless carrier. With BIS, you will be able to get personal email as well as get on the internet and it has nothing to do with nor do you need a license from your company.

  26. kylie sprenger says

    i just got a blackberry 7250 off ebay,and i do not want to pay extra monthly for anything. i jus want the phone for texting and voice. do i have to have a data plan? my friend has a treo and she said she jus turned the internet off and it didnt charge her anymore than usual…how do i do this?

  27. A says

    So no one has found an answer to this? no way to have the BB without the email?? I just want to use it as a phone. Anyone know?

  28. Jake Flores says

    I have my bb8100 with out a data plan cause im roaming where im at. It works perfectly if you don’t mind not having web access, and email access. but works as a normal phone.

  29. Pia says

    Well i love the verizon BB curve. It has a qwerty keyboard and its just an overall nice phone. Verizon has ugly looking funky phones that are practically free after a few months. I wanted to buy a BB off ebay …but dont want to risk it. I believe it is possible to not get a data plan with smartphones. Also you can block the internet. But i was told that you wont be able to receive/send pictures? Is this true?


    I also Hate those people who make remarks like “why get a blackberry w/ out a data plan…whats the point”

    Its not our fault that verizon comes out with a decent looking phone that you pay so much money for…then next month its 79.99 including 5 more phones free for your family on a 2 yr deal.

  30. iplayball says

    ok this is what i’ve discovered from experience regarding having a blackberry on the verizon network without a data plan:

    I wanted a blackberry because of its stability and pda functionality but without a data plan. So i called verizon, and they told me that, RIM(research in motion) who verizon buys blackberrys from, requires verizon to sell the blackberrys WITH a data plan. I don’t know if this is b.s. or real. I know that u can have a blackberry on t-mobile without a data plan(i know people who have this), but i don’t understand why u can’t have this done on verizon. So i ended up getting a palm centro. The cool thing about the centro and the palm treo series is that it’s a smartphone and u can use it without a data plan. And in my case, i do once in a while check my email on it, and i get charged on a “pay as u go” data plan, which is:
    .015 cents per 1 kilobyte of usage
    Which isn’t too bad if you download and read just the text portion of your emails, which ranges about 1-4k for each email.
    So just like someone above said, it probably is possible to activate a blackberry on verizon, but the salespeople won’t do it for u, because of politics and $$$. It’s too bad because id love to have a blackberry with a pay as u go data plan, and pay anywhere from $2-$5 of data a month for light usage.

  31. BobBarker says

    For those asking about getting a BB without a data plan: Best Buy (at least my local one) does not require a data plan for most of their PDA phones. As it stands, just the instinct and the iphone require a plan with purchase. I just bought two 8130 sprint pearls for my wife and me and didn’t get a data plan.

    Having troubles getting it to sync with the PC, though.

  32. Adam says

    hey….i have verizon and i am looking at the BB Curve. i have seen all of the mixed info on the no data plan. i just recently talked to the sales rep and was told no way you could get it without. doesnt make since to me. i know a couple of people who have smart phones without data plan. if anyone has any additional info please let me know.

  33. raj says

    My girlfriend has just moved to europe. Where her company has issued her a blackberry.

    I know blackberrys have their own instant messenger program, so i was thinking of getting a blackberry here. I don’t care about the email and web on the go.

    The only thing i want is the messenger function and i would like one of the models that have wi-fi so i can check stuff when i’m at hot spots.

    Is it possible to get a blackberry with no data plan and still use the messenger function on the go??

  34. swiftjody says

    I just got a BB curve with ATT. You don’t have to buy it with a Data plan you just pay $30 more. Mine came to $140. No Data plan and I can still send and receive pictures. Verizon seems to really push the Data Plan but you can get around it if you try.

  35. Paul F says

    I don’t want the data plan either, but I was told that the BB memory is pretty small and that I should give serious thought to adding additional memory at purchase. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  36. justin says

    now, i also want a blackberry pearl 8130. they are on sale for $49.99 on the verizon website, and since i’m eligible for an upgrade i wanted this phone. but as i was checking out and confirming my purchase i HAD to add a data plan, one was like $29 and i believe the other one was $44. i don’t need this. i don’t need to check my email or browse the web. i have a laptop for that. im not like a business man. i just want to talk and text. so i called verizon and they told me i HAD to select a data plan if i wanted any blackerry. so is there any way to work around that?? any way at all?? someone please come with a way to solve this. this is the best phone they have available for $50 right now. and i really want it. so someone, i’d appreciate if you could let us know how to work around the required data plan. thank you.

  37. Joe says

    So, will Verizon allow you to activate a Blackberry purchased on eBay, without a data plan?

    If so, can you still sync the calendar and contacts from a PC with a data cable?


  38. Charlie V says

    I use AT&T, and my son is using my old blackberry without a data plan. I just disabled the data. He wants it for SMS texting, calling, and playing games. Works perfect. I just switched the SIM.

    However, when, earlier, I went to the AT&T store to inquire about upgrading his old phone to a Blackberry, the salesman said there was no way to upgrade to one or buy one outright from them without a data plan. I went to two other stores in town (AT&T Stores, that is) and got the same response. I did not call AT&T because, by that time I had hatched my plan to give him the old Blackberry.

  39. EJB13 says

    hello my name is Eric, like so many others i would like to purchase a Blackberry without a data plan. Verizon wireless is my service provider, when i called them the operator explained to me that there is no possible way to get a Blackberry smartphone with out also purchasing a data plan. I also asked if i could purchase the phone with the data plan and then block or cancel the internet, he replied that a data plan is required and if i am not interested in purchasing one than a blackberry is not the right phone for me. This didnt change my mind i would still like to have a Blackberry, my question is like so many that have already been asked but i will restate it once again, is there anyway, with a verizon service provider, to purchase a Blackberry smartphone without having to pay for the data plan? if so please email me at blackdeath2u_13@yahoo.com Thank you so much for the help!

  40. Charlie V says

    I replied, above, but in retrospect, my comments were aimed more at AT&T. I am not a shill for AT&T, but if you want a Blackberry with no data plan, the only way to go is to buy one outright (say, on Ebay), disable the data services in settings, switch the SIM from your old phone, and you will still have calls and SMS (and wifi if you have the right phone). You cannot get on the Internet without BIS service (or BES service). So go get a cheapo/free-o GSM phone and account at AT&T, buy the Blackberry somewhere else, then switch the SIM. Since the Bold and Storm came out, there are a flood of cheap older models to be had such as the Curve and 8800. They are GREAT SMS phones. A nominal voice plan with unlimited SMS is pretty cheap on AT&T.

    CDMA carriers in the US, including Verizon, do not use interchangeable SIM/R-UIM cards to identify the phones, except on world phones for GSM service (which won’t work on GSM networks in the US–another gotcha). When you set up a new phone with Verizon, they want the phone’s IMEI/ESN information, which identifies that particular handset. Once they have that, then presto-change-o, they connect you to the network and send you on your way. If you buy a cheap phone with no data plan, activate it, then buy a CDMA Blackberry, then in order to activate it you will have to tell Verizon the unique IMEI/ESN of the Blackberry, and they will know it is a Blackberry; hard feelings will follow. I did a quick search, and I don’t see any way to change a phone’s IMEI/ESN, and just googling it probably puts you on a Homeland Security watchlist. Verizon and other US CDMA carriers simply do not want people changing up their handsets and want a monopoly on the handsets, and they have it. In fact, many may remember that the GSM standard, was celebrated for its open-ness to the ability of consumers to change phones so easily.

    So, in sum, the answer to the topic is, IMHO, “no, you can’t do that.”

  41. t says

    i have a blackberry curve 8310 for att and when i purchased it, they said i didnt need it so i got it for 60 bucks with out the data plan… just sms and phone… and yes i still do recieve picture messages… i have a third party IM app that uses ims as txt messages not on the BIS server like bbming

  42. Devon says

    I have Sprint, I PAY for data “Premium Plan”, I want to swap my phone for a Blackbery Curve (i currently have a centro) Why do I need to pay $30 extra for bis to get email, when I get it included now on my plan…

    This seems really like a money making scheme.

  43. KMK Mom says

    I called att to cancel the dat plan on mine and my husband data plans on our BB. The rep told me that I could not cancel because my BB would not function properly without the data plan. I advised her that when I first purchased my bb over 1 year ago i did so w/o a data plan and then later added it, so I knew that was not true. So again she refused to cancel. So what I did was take my sim card out of my phone and put it into my sons phone and his into mine (his line has no data plan) to see if it would still function and it did. So now what Im ging to do is call and tell them that i have a different phone and want the data plan cancelled then once off put the sim card back in my BB and be done with it. First I have to find an old phone. Maybe one of those pay as you go phones for 9.99 that way if they want the IMEI or what ever I actullay willhave one.
    Will let evryone know how it goes. Lets cross our fingers these carriers wont out slick us.
    And for those who want to know why have a bb without a data plan. Times are hard and cut backs are essential. so if you have a computer/ laptop why do you need internet in your hand. Sacrifice. Plus I like to text with a full qwerty keyboard.

  44. Mr Mello says

    I think phone companys are making us pay for a data plan because they know blackberry is a great phone and its very popular. Its just that the internet on a phone is not needed and tooooooooo expensive

  45. Kristi says

    I am on AT&T. My daughter wanted a Pearl, but there was no way I was getting her the BB plan. It came time when we could upgrade her phone, I called them up and asked for the Pearl. I got it with the discounted price. They asked me if I wanted the BB plan and I said no. She was just using it for a phone. That was it, no more to it. I never was billed for the plan. She did keep that phone long because it does not have the capability to send photos over text messages without the plan (unlike regular phones) so she got rid of it. My husband also has a BB and used to have the BB plan but cancelled it. Now he just uses the BB for a phone and to sync up with Outlook at work for his calendar and contacts. AT&T does not care if you get the plan. If you qualify for the discount on the phone, you get it. You have to agree to a 2-year committment, which is fine with me. I love AT&T and have been with them almost 13 years!

  46. Anthony says


    My name is Anthony and i work as a Verizon Wireless Representative. The truth is that you are able to purchas a blackberry without a data plan thats because we are forced to sell you it no matter what. Blackberry Inc. tells our company to sell you the data plan with the phone. i currently have a blackberry storm with no data plan on it because i think its rediculas to pay 30 bucks for it. Verizon has a contract with Blackberry Inc. stating we sell you a data plan when purching a blackberry device. If you put up a fight with Verizon saying maybe you will switch to a different carrier or cancel your contract, we have no choice but to sell you a blackberry without a data plan. I hope this helps you in someway. Honestly i think we would have more customers if we did not force data plans on phones.

  47. says

    @Charlie V:
    I was thinking of the a similar approach today. I think that charging 30 $/month for a data plan does not make sense, because at that rate, for 24 months, one can recover the true cost of the phone, even without the contract.

    Can anyone recommend reliable sites where ppl can buy used BlackBerry phones? One site I found had a 30 day warranty on used BlackBerry phones. Can anyone who has bought used BBs comment on this?

  48. Mitchell says

    I recently switched from Verizon to AT&T because Verizon requires customers to buy a data plan with a blackberry where AT&T does not. In short, I want a fancy new phone but I’m not forking out the $30.

    Reasons to buy a blackberry without a data plan:

    1. They’re Sexy! Lets face it, most phones from palm, moto, etc are just ugly. blackberry phones just look better and the quality is better as well.
    2. I’m a textr! A qwerty keyboard is a MUST for me and most blackberrys have that. Not to mention the convenient thread capabilities that you don’t get on regular phones.
    3. They keep me organized. Regular phones don’t have smart calenders and they certainly can’t connect to outlook!
    4. Depending on your carrier, and your phone, you can connect to WiFi and be on the internet for FREE. I live on a college campus where WiFi is everywhere so paying 30 for data is a waste!
    5. Everyone says “Why would you get a blackberry and not use E-mail?” This answer is simple. I would rather NOT have e-mail on my phone. The last thing I want is my phone buzzing around 1 am at a party because I got an e-mail for Viagra 50% off! Most of my e-mails aren’t important and can wait until I’m at my computer.

    So there you have it! A blackberry without data!

  49. Erbear says

    I just bought a BB Pearl with Qwest/verizon bundled services of home internet and cell phone and I did not have to buy a data plan.

  50. Stephanie says

    Verizon’s contract with Blackberry says they have to sell NEW Blackberrys with the data plans. So if you didn’t purchase a new one from Verizon you should be exempt from this! Also… their “rule” that is posted up in the Verizon store says “Only new PDA’s/Smartphones devices launched on or after November 14th, 2008 will require data/feature plan of $29.99 or more” But the Blackberry Pearl 8130 was launched November 1, 2008 (at least according to my research) So don’t let Verizon rip you off!

    • Sharon says

      Blackberry / RIM does not have agreements with Wireless providers that read when you buy a blackberry phone you need a data plan to make it work.

  51. Bala says

    I didn’t know about this ridiculous restriction by Verizon; I bought a used BB 8830 to replace my stole Razr. When I called CS to switch, she said there is no way I can have BB without a data plan. I have VZW for this; this is a perfect example of rip off. Will switch over to AT&T as soon as my current contract gets over in three months.

    • PEP says

      sorry, im actually a ATT user and am thinking about switching to Verizon because of ATT’s forced selling of data rate plans to its new phones. i guess we have this dillema. i speculate that verizon and att had agreements, or either compared business plans. yes i feel that this is a ripoff. i cant find a good phone now without data rate plans as a ball and chain. i feel like im a consumer who’s stuck to go for a damned if you do, and damned if you dont plans. these CEOs are obviously wanting more money in their pockets.
      i may have to resort to holding the line by resorting to old Palms and HTC phones.

  52. hu4rollz says

    I canceled my data plan yesterday. The ATT rep told me that I risk getting a hefty bill if my BB auto-updates. Is there any truth to this? Or can I just simply call ATT and tell them to block all data?

    • chrismoon says

      i bought an iphone on craigslist and used it for the texting and calling, but never used the phone without wifi..apparently i continued to download something when i was out of wifi range and racked up a $220 bill at the end of the month..i called att and they forgave me and i also asked them to not allow me to use data through their network. works like a charm and will save you.

  53. Jim Cutsinger says

    Rob Dunnewood (the guy at the top , hosting this thread) says the Blackberry is not a good enough phone or PDA to warrant buying without a Data plan. Well Robert, what would be the right phone for me? i wrecked my bold and it did all the PDA functions I need, and was the best sounding phone. and is a great media player. I need a new phone.
    What should I buy? – that does all this better and, I don’t want to pay $360 a year for a data plan I don’t use?
    Thanks’ Jim

    • Kailyn says

      360 a YEAR? I pay 89.99 a month on alltel for my stupid phone. That plus taxes and fees adds up to 110-to 120 a month, and i dont have a job! I can’t cancel without the fee, and I can’t get it down to just a cheap ass plan. It sucks, what do i do?

  54. OutsideUS says

    BB is one of the very few Verizon options for dual system phone, which you can use outside the US.
    I’m with ATT for that reason and would love to go to Verizon but don’t want to pay the extra $30/month.
    I would definitely use BB without data plan.

  55. slwalmart says

    I work in the cell phone department at walmart and with T-Mobile’s BB curve you must have a data plan they have now changed it. Before you could get it without the data plan but now you must have it. But on the BB pearls you do not have to have it. These carriers are now making it to where you have to have the data plan on these BB and the reason why is because they are getting so many returns because the phones are not doing what they are suppose to do and thats because they don’t have the data plan. So if you don’t want the data plan then the BB is not for you.

    • Sharon says

      First of all the Blackberry’s come with a USB cord that plugs into a computer. You can go to the Blackberry Web site and get the updates and download them into your phone. So to give you an idea! All the returns are from people who either don’t have computers or are computer iliterate. I own a BB and right now is out of service because I took off the data plan and change back to my old phone to save money. That phone is not working either. So I am phoneless and paying on the service. Is that fair to me! I do not need the data plan. The only time that data plan was really used was for the 3 1/2 days of no power. Can’t use them while driving. Can’t use them while working. Really don’t need it at home. I have only been using the phone part of it. Why pay the $30.00 per month. I thought it was cool when I bought it. Now I am stuck with the phone and cannot afford another one. So the data plan requirements is really not fair.

  56. jan says

    we went to a tmobile store to upgrade my blackberry pearl. i was trying to get the blackberry curve but requires their$25 data plan. i don’t really need the data plan, plus the phone is wi-fi ready. the agent said the reason being is that people are not using the blackberry phone the way they should be using it. i guess they are driving away their customers because of these data plans. they are now not selling phones and a lot of their customers switched to other companies. i used to like t-mobile but now i am beginning to hate them. even blackberry pearls requires data plans now, that was what the tmobile agent told us…this just sucks big time…

  57. nobody says

    I just got the BlackBerry Bold phone from At&T and didnt want the data plan because i have Wifi pretty much everywhere i go and $30 extra a month is’nt worth it… however i couldnt setup my personal email so i called them to ask them what was going on and they told me that if you dont get the data plan then we dont let you use the wifi stuff… however i am allowed to surf the web.. the only thing i couldnt setup is the email. And from the forums here it sounds like all the company’s are doing what they can to force you to use the data plans. For the same price as these data plans i get cable modem in my house which is hundred times faster than these data plans on your cell phones… what a Rip Off

      • curio says

        What do you mean “it” won’t let you use wifi? IF…you mean the phone, I assume you have tried to set it up properly to log onto any open wifi networks? If so, you’re screwed b/c I never heard of that before, what you’re really saying is that somebody disabled the phones wifi funcionality…strange.

  58. Henry says

    I hate the data plan restriction. It is a stupid business idea. I would simply not buy the phone.

    A better plan is to give buyers the option.

  59. curious says

    ? so if i bought a new storm 2 off ebay and asked verizon to switch my number over would they do it? i currently do not have a data plan? but i do have wifi in my house and at college. Will it work??

  60. js16500 says

    For years I have had a 7100g BB without a data plan. Suddenly, my phone service stopped working. Come to find out AT&T performed an upgrade that disallowed my phone service because I was using a smart phone. I didn’t get any notice this would happen and I couldn’t get anywhere with them over the phone. Even threating to go to another carrier didn’t even flinch AT&T. Now all carries require a data plan. This is unconstitutional! Had to go back to my SE T616 so I could at least make phone calls again. All carriers s*ck now!

    • Xiao says

      I Don’t understand your post, i currently have a BB 8310 that got from a friend and all i did was pop in my Sim chip and it works fine. i don’t pay for a data plan and the phone it’s self has an option to turn off data services in the settings. I’ve even used an unlocked smart phone on AT&T and it still lets me make calls. i think it was some other error not an “upgrade”. I hate the fact that AT&T and others force data plans down your throat the only way the consumer would win is if there was a mass boycott of people not using plans or phones… but in today’s world that is not possible, we are too tethered to our devices and the phone companies know this.

      • Steph says

        I also have a 8310 and was able to pop in my SIMs card into the phone. But I can’t text. Can you? I don’t have the data plan but I should be able to text and call, right? I don’t receive nor able to send out texts. Help!

  61. Everett says

    Yeah i agree that the new data plan restrictions are the dumbest things ive ever heard of! I think that as long as your paying for a phone, then you should be able to choose whatever options you want! Its a free country!

    • Beginning to wake and smell the coffee... says


      It USED to be a free country…but we are losing more and more of our freedoms everyday “lately”.

  62. Luis says

    Without the data plan requirements and increase revenue for carriers what will be the point of coming out with blackberries, if there was no data plans all the carriers would just sell customers the motorola startac and call it a day, because if no one is going to use picture messaging, music, apps, mobile web and email, video on demand, etc. there would be know reason for the carriers to even have smartphones. Every company has to show growth every quarter in order to have continued investment if you have consumers paying $39.99 per month for 6 years then you would never have any growth.

  63. Radracer says

    Luis, Good point that is is a business that expects growth, but as a customer who does not hold stock in the company I could care less. I am with Sprint. They will not give a PDA/smart phone unless you sign up for a data plan. They will not give you only talk/text plan if you buy the phone outright. The agent at sprint store told me she has seen a few people with BB than did not have a data plan. She said they must have got them online at Sprint and worked out some deal with the online representatives. I want to know if anyone out there knows how to work out a deal to get a BB through sprint without the data plan.

  64. VRZNH8R says

    I have always hated the fact that Verizon and ATT as well as others made you purchase data plans with their PDA or smart phones. My solution was to go with ATT and buy a like new iPhone. I unlocked it to work with any GSM network and use it on ATT w/o data plan and unlimited texting. I only use data when connected to WiFi because I’m not a heavy data user. Works great for me and I have all the free software from third party repositories that make the iPhone much better than when it came from ATT.

    • santa says

      thanks for your post. I got an iphone for Xmas but cant justify the cost of monthly data plan & AT& T phone/text packages more expensive for what you get. going to return the iphone tomorrow. I also am not heavy data user & would have wifi in most places I’m at. Questions for you & others:
      1) where did you get new iphone & how did you unlock & connect to your AT&T account. Could you connect your iphone to other providers if you wanted to? (i used to be sprint) you think I could keep my current iphone & find way to unlock it?
      2) can I get free wifi on a new blackberry or other wifi enabled smartphones without paying for data? am confused from various online discussion groups about whether I can do so & which carriers don’t require dataplans for blackberries or other wifi enabled smartphones.
      3) am thinking about getting regular phone plus an itouch — but wondering if they could synch contact lists, email, etc. or if it would be too many systems & a pain.

      thanks for your thoughts!

  65. Diana says

    Hey . i was just wondering that if i buy a blackberry curve online from ebay.com would i be able to go to verizon and have them connect that phone without making me have a data plan ?
    i have been planning on getting a blackberry but i cant afford to pay for data plans at this time so if you guys know of any ways that i could get a blackberry curve on verizon without having a data plan, please let me know.
    Thank you.

  66. nycmidtown says

    I recd two text msgs from AT&T at **3AM** on Friday. I ignored until yesterday. AT&T force fed me a data plan. I called to complain, luckily, I had a good cust srvc rep, she did some research and since I bought/activated my Nokia E71x smartphone on 9.01, just days before the 9.05 data plan reqmt was implemented, I was able to get At&T to remove the data plan from my bill. The E71x has WiFi and that is good enough for me.

  67. Jay_C says

    I use my old blackberry as a web browser using my wifi connection with no issues (I just turn off the connection with the t-mobile network).

    In addition, I recently found an old t-mobile sim card, and for some reason have been able to make a successful call with the my old blackberry and this other sim over my wifi (UMA) connection…(again, with the connection to t-mobile turned off) Not sure if this is Kosher or not…I didn’t call to active anything through t-mobile….there is a phone number registered to this sim. Not sure if I fell into some sort of loophole in the system? I have however, stopped using it to make calls, even though wifi (UMA) calls are “free” (according to the plan I have on my current phone)

    • LaMont says

      How do you “turn off” the T-mobile network to use the BB for web browsing? I’d like to get a BB 8330 for limited web browsing but can’t justify it with the hyper-inflated data plan cost. I use my current Nokia phone (and previous Samsung) for wifi calling when on business trips out of the country and also want to keep this feature on a BB.

  68. ciara rodgers says

    i have recently purchased a samsung impression with a plan that has a $20.00 internet fee and $10.00 texting fee for cingular, i would like to purchase the new n;ackberry bold 9700 from ebay.. if i dont get the data plan would all the same features work on the blackberry like the samsung impression like internet and texting and black berry messenger

    • susan says

      please let me know if you figure out how to get logged on to open wi-fi networks without the data plan from t-mobile. i just got the pearl from them also, and have heard conflicting info as to how to bypass the data plan requirement & still access free wi-fi. there’s free wi-fi at my work and i have wi-fi at home, so i didn’t want to pay for the service with so much free service around me.

      i heard about downloading opera and using that as a default browser but i haven’t tried that yet. let me know if you have luck with bypassing their service!

  69. Becka says

    Hi, so basically today i went to best buy excited that the Blackberry curve 8350 was free for my 2 yr upgrade for AT&T. The lady told me about the required $30 a month fee for the data plan. I came back home without a new phone. Ok, I DO NOT want this data plan, and i’m seriously finding it hard to believe that it’s required per month. I really cant afford that,
    IS THERE A WAY OUT to get that blackberry without the stupid data plan?
    Like really..UGHHHHH

  70. Hague says

    I am a little confused from all of the answers here. If I use my cousin’s pearl that she got a while back, will I need to get the data-plan? We have Verizon by the way, and the pearl hasnot been active for two months.

  71. Jas says

    Here is something that worked for me. I moved to a new location by the mountains. Unfortunately T-Mobile service is poor at this location. I called and told them about the signal issue. They conducted the test and said they are working on the new tower and will take 6 months. And they recommended that I can go for Blackberry phone which will allow me to make calls over the wifi network. I upgraded my plan and they gave me the phone without the data plan. By the way I am with T-Mobile for 8 years and have always liked their Customer Service.

  72. Kay says

    You can have a BB on Verizon without the data plan! I just called this morning and asked that my BB data plan be removed from my account, and I am still making calls and getting texts just fine without the plan. I was told the BB wouldn’t even work without the data… BULL CRAP :)!!

    • Hague says

      Kay, what model of BB was it? If you don’t mind me asking… Because I would really like a Pearl, but I dont want to buy one off Ebay if I wind up not using it…

  73. Me says

    Ciara Rodgers…..you’re thinking about buying the BB Bold 9700 off Ebay? Okay…..Do you need a data plan to access internet, email……Data Plan IS Internet.
    If you have a home computer….do you need DSL, Fiber, Dial-up to use the computer? NO….
    Will you be able to watch Youtube? Get your email? NO….
    The blackberry will work as a PHONE, but will not work as anything more without some sort of data plan, OR Wi-Fi which T Mobile has been known to block….You can get it to work, but is a bit of a trick however not impossible…….and again…..if you read, you will be amazed at how much you CAN do.
    Why don’t people do some research and read about these things …..How to unlock the iPhone is all over the internet…..just do some research. Type in “Redsnow” and do alittle reading…..

  74. beth says

    I want to buy a bb storm2 for work so i get on the net and work on the road. my current service provider gives me 2g of net. can I use this on a bb or do i have to sign for a new data plan on the bb server??

  75. jennifer says

    thats not true about the BB 8130, i just got off the phone with verizon because i was trying to activate a 8130 and they told me all blackberry’s have to have to data package.

  76. Me says

    The main question I believe is….”Would you use a Blackberry without a data plan?”
    YES…………I WOULD! YES…….I DO!

  77. Teehee! says

    So all of the forums that I’ve read are mainly for Verizon…anyone got any info on activating a Blackberry Curve 8330 on Sprints network???

  78. breakthrough says

    Last week I bought a BB Curve at Walmart for $15 bucks through TMobile, without data plan. Only thing that’s required is an unlimited text messaging plan and monthly call plan…That’s it. I’m paying 50 bucks a month before taxes

  79. yhen says

    I just bought a blackberry curve today at T-mobile and I don’t have a data plan. It’s not required to have the data plan but almost half the features of BB doesn’t work. I have wi-fi at our house but I can’t use it because I don’t have the data plan. I can’t open facebook, search the web or send IMs.

  80. Lisa says

    I have been using my blackberry without a dataplan for 2 years. I dont need the web or my email on the fly. All I occassionally want is access to my calendar and my contacts and I am set. Once a week I sync up with the outlook on my computer and I am up to date. But now I am sad because I understand that ATT will not give me an upgraded blackberry unless I get the data plan. So if I am going to pay $30 a month, then I may consider getting the IPhone for the bells and the whistles. I have a friend who feels the same. She got an upgrated non-smart phone at renewal and is still using her old blackberry with a cracked screen.

  81. I hate verizon data plan says

    Data plan requirement to activated a used bb storm with verizon sucks, they make me pay for something that i don’t use….!!! or stuck with there ugly phones…SO I….
    Move on to…metro pcs or boostmobile no contract and fix rate everything unlimited…forget verizon…rip off…

  82. aw says

    I currently have a blackberry and do not have a data plan through AT&T. My blackberry is one of the originals and still works great. I was thinking about switching recently due to the fact mine is getting old so I have been doing research.

    There is no way I will upgrade to a new blackberry/smart phone because I do not need interenet on my phone. I work at a desk in front of a computer all day and have internet there. I also have it at home. (harldy gets used at home because who wants to sit in front of a computer all night after being in front of two monitors all day) I love my blackberry because of it’s features, calendar/sync with my outlook, etc. but I don’t need internet when I’m on my way to work, home for the evening, etc. The only other feauture I can think of that the internet would be good for is traveling with maps, etc. For that I have a gps in my truck. I would love the option to have a blackberry and not have to sign up for internet. RIM needs to start a wireless company. That way the company that handles the service also makes the phones. Just a thought.

  83. susan says

    i have my BB through Tmobile, and do not have a data plan. I can use the Wi-fi on the phone without the data plan – I just choose ‘wi-fi hotspot’ and set up the browser on the phone (very similar to how you can use your laptop at free wi-fi hotspots). It’s like a tiny laptop for me.

    I don’t ‘need’ internet on the go, so I use the wi-fi hotspots if I feel like checking on something. Tmobile was the only provider that didn’t force me to get the data plan, and that’s a big plus, in my book. Data plan should be an option, not a requirement, since the phones work fine without the data plan.

  84. Verizon Data Plan User says

    I would not use a BlackBerry without a data plan. Without it, a BlackBerry loses its functionality as a smart phone – boasting mobile web, email, GPS capabilities, wireless synchronization, the list goes on and on. If all you want is a phone that makes calls and has text messaging, then why get a BlackBerry at all? You’re better off with a regular dinosaur phone. And WiFi? Might as well get an iPod. WiFi doesn’t follow you wherever you go, but a data plan does. Do your BlackBerry a favor and utilize it to its fullest potential with a data plan.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • Sharon says

      The only thing good about the blackberry data plan is the fact the when the power goes out for 3 days or more and you still have access to the internet. Like what happened with me. It can’t be used while driving, can’t be used at work, at home I have a desktop and pay internet service and land line service because of lousy cell phone service. I got the blackberry because I thought it was great, But finances are tight. I can turn on the data plan at a later date when I can afford it. As far as updating it. WOW the USB cord comes in handy. Don’t need the updates while driving and trying to get through them on the road. Value my life and others. The data plan comes in handy if on a camping trip but that only works as good as the cell phone reception. In New Hampshire there are toooo many mountains that interfere with cell phones. Same with Maine.

  85. BriBri says

    if you have a BlackBerry Built before nov 15 2008 u can use it without a data plan !!! so im so lukcy i get use my bb pearl without it i have a generec 10 dollar 25 mb plan exactly what i need

  86. Stephen D says

    Update : Just called AT&T and they told me that even If I supplied my own PDA (HTC) that once their company recognizes a different serial # on the phone that they would start charging me for the package. This REILLY sounds illegal. If my phone comes with a WiFi feature, why can’t I take advantage of that? Anyone want to start a petition to get a law going? I feel I have a right to sue if forced to comply

    • Sharon says

      FCC and the FTC is where to go! File a complaint with them. The more they get they will do something about it.

  87. DespoConsumer says

    Alright It’s my turn now.
    I have Iphone with data plan. I needed another phone for my wife and did not want to spend so much money data plan for second phone i decided to go ahead and grab any free phone i get from att.com. so yesterday i got BB Bold 9000 (refurbished) for free from att. when i bought that online they asked me to select voice plan which i selected basic 39.99 ( eventually this will be convereted to family plan with my existing iphone) then on second step they asked me to select data plan ofcourse i was buying free bold 9000 so that page had to pop up. But after gong through i found out that i can “SKIP” this page. So i did and it did let me add that phone to my shopping cart. Did check out. Tomorrow i will be getting that phone delivered and i have also converted my two single lines into one family plan with only Iphone Dataplan. I wonder why ATT gave me free BB phone without data plan? anyone has any clue? are they going to charge me once i start using my new BB phone?

  88. Kougs says

    OK, this should help folks out….
    TMobile will require data plan on newer hi-er end BB phones like the 9700. I have been a customer for 10 years. I get around the data plan by the following;
    1) I have the 8120 w/wifi
    2) I pay tmobile tzones add-on/internet $5.99
    3) I pay for standard plan, and if you go to escelated CS rep you can get plan changed to 1000 anytime mins at no extra charge.
    4) I pay for 400 text messages
    5) BB enabler is turned on and free for all MMS messages
    6) I push/forward email from my email account to my phone, and if they have pictures in them, it counts as a MMS… (I add an embedded small pic at the bottom of all forwarded emails) thus a MMS, free… large email w/attachments will be stripped off, but you will get the content.

    This ends up a $49/month plan plus tax, and I get all the same features as the data plan, but a bit slower. I can also use google maps anywhere, and so forth… Get it while you can before they force you to have it on every phone….. Hope that helps…!

  89. Matt says

    I hate the idea of being requiered to pay $30 a month on At&t. It is such a rip.

    I would rather use a blackberry if i had the option to not pay for data

  90. Angie says

    I am a busy mom and preschool teacher, I also am very forgetful. I NEED to have a phone that can also work to store data such as birthdays, soccer, meetings, etc. I don’t need internet and I don’t text. I can’t seem to find a phone that has a keyboard and will allow me to do these things without purchasing a data plan. (AT&T) My friend has a BB that she says she will sell me, but I don’t want to end up having to plan for the data plan after I install my sim card. Do any of you know of a good phone that has the functions that I need without requiring a data plan?

  91. says

    I use a blackberry 8320 without a data plan. I used to go around with a PDA and a phone, when they both broke at the same time, I consolidated them by buying the BB at ebay. I did not get a data plan. I check email, chat, browse, search, do mostly all you could with a data plan, only restriction of course is I can do so only where there is a Wi-Fi around, which now days is almost everywhere.
    Here is a post in my blog where I list the apps I use that allow you to use Wi-Fi.

  92. Conner says

    My problem is this. I want to buy an HTC Hero on Bestbuy’s website. I have chatted with a Sprint rep, and they said I could not add the $15 a month data to my current plan. They want me to DOUBLE the cost of my monthly plan instead of doing the $15 a month add-on plan. Anyone else encountered this?

  93. Sam2010 says

    my dad gave me his old blackberry curve and i have an account from AT&T with my mom but she doesnt have a data plan..if i start to use this phone with my sim card will i be charged the $30 a month data plan?

  94. Lois says

    Ok. So from all the comments that I’m reading, you CAN get a BBerry without a data/internet plan, it just won’t do apps( which is almost why I would get it and just get the free ones), BBM(another plus) or internet. I don’t really need internet, but I would love to have a Blackberry. I cannot afford the monthly payments( I’m a student). So, just so I’m clear, what can you do with a BBerry w/o data?
    Thanks a lot!!

  95. Din-dos says

    In India BB plans come in 2 flavors, the cheaper one gives unlimited messenger and email, and the expensive one has unlimited data as well. the cheaper one is for around $6.5 and the expensive one is for $22. but there are phone companies offering unlimited EDGE data for $2 per month. makes very little sense to get the BB now… i’m repenting my decision to buy one.

  96. Maidenman says

    I have a XV6900 which was bought in 2010, and i dont have a data plan. Nor does the company make me get one.

  97. Sharon says

    I have turned Verizon in to the FCC because I wanted to end the data plan on a fully paid blackberry phone until I got a full time job. To begin with, I had to get another phone, because my old one wouldn’t work one day. I got the Blackberry Curve. I loved it. It came in handy when our power was out for 3-1/2 days. I could get on Facebooks and write things on my wall, but I could not get into the games. What ever! After cleaning out my bank account to verizon for whatever due. I canceled the data plan and ended up transferring back to the broken phone. As of now I am paying Verizon for a phone and service full price for 2 phones. One that works and one that does not. Obviously, mine is the main account phone and I don’t have a phone. The Blackberry that I have is still working with out a Data Plan. OMG! I can play the games it comes with. I can access my contacts list. I can dial 911 if needed. I can make collect calls on it. I can still take pictures and video and upload to my computer via the USB cord it came with. I still can use the appointment calendar on it. I can still put my grocery list on it. I can use the alarm clock on it. All without service to the phone or data plan. What I can’t use is the GPS, Music, Web, Email or whatever else that requires the data plan. OMG! I guess according to Verizon, I will die if I don’t have internet on my phone. Too Funny! I pay Internet for the house. Against the law in NH to text or play with phones while driving. Sure don’t want to be walking through a store trying to access the internet. You may walk into something or someone and be embarassed or sued. I have a working stereo in my vehicle. I do have a good sense of direction. Email and internet can wait till I get home. Here I am still without a cell phone and paying for a service. All over a Data Plan.

  98. Lisa says

    Hmmm…interesting reading. I have been with T-Mobile for years and I bought a couple of used blackberrys and just had to put in my simcard from my old samsumg and it worked fine. Then, I bought the first blackberry pearl when it first came out…before it was a “requirement” to get the data plan in order to buy it….this was 2008, I think. Now, my poor blackberry is falling apart and I want to get the blackberry flip off of ebay, and I am wondering if I buy this phone used and put my simcard in from my old pearl, will T-Mobile miraculously start charging me for the data plan. I really need to know this before I get the flip.

  99. mark farrell says

    so if i buy a black berry off of amazon with no data plan and i put in my sim card will it work?? or do i need a data plan to get into it?

  100. Diane says

    Hi – I’m wondering if you did this, and it worked. Because I have ATT, and I did the exact same thing – moved my sim card from my non-smart phone into an old BB I had around the house because I wanted a qwerty keyboard for texting.

    Lo and behold, ATT recognized that I had switched phones and the charge showed up on my next bill. If anyone knows a way around that, I’d like to know.

    • Susie says

      Same thing happen to me also. I went from a non smart phone to a BB 8800 series and now ATT sent me a text message saying they added a data plan on to my account. So I was wondering have you had any conclusion yet as to get around this?

      • Diane says

        I argued extensively with ATT and looked at every resource I could find and to my knowledge, there is no way around this. I personally found another non-smart phone with a better keyboard and moved my sim card into that phone, and then cancelled the ATT BB plan.

    • Hrcprc007 says

      Try to use the plastic sim card unlocker, its a plastic case for your sim card, you put it in your device and it unblocks it to for use on other network providers. That plastic card blocks your BBs mac address, maiby that way ATT won’t recognise your blackberry device and won’t charge you aditional costs. My phone was stolen about 6 months ago and when I reported it to the police they tried to track it, they couldn’t find my phone. They said, that my phone has been turn off and battery taken out, or it has this sim card unlocker.
      I hope that I helped you. BTW I have bought blackberry yesterday and I have a similar problem, I have already flat rate internet on my device at t-mobile Croatia for 20$/month, they want to charge me an aditional 15$ bucks for blackberry instant email, I refused it.

  101. Jake says

    I was wondering the same thing. I have att with no data plan, just texting. I want a new phone and I would like to get a blackberry, but I won’t pay for the data plan. Would Att charge it if I don’t use the data features or can I avoid it. HELP!!!

      • Diane says

        Doesn’t matter if you block the data. That’s what I tried – but ATT didn’t care. They said if I had a BB and it was connected to the network, I had to pay for a BB plan, even if data was blocked and I never used it.

  102. Shelby says

    What about with T-Mobile? I have a non-smart phone, and my current Data Plan is unlimited texting. I want to get a blackberry (used, through ebay or amazon). I know most blackberries have Wi-fi, and so if I get wifi (Like in my house or at school) I shouldn’t be charged for data right?

    • Lisa says

      I have T-Mobile….I got the flip back in August and just put in my simcard and am still using it…and have not been charged for data to date. Now, if I bought that bb from T-Mobile, they would have forced the data plan on me, but I got this phone off of EBay.

    • Lisa says

      I also think I read somewhere that certain model numbers will “require” a data plan…cant remember where the break is….I think it may start with the BB Curve model 8300. Mine is a 8200.

  103. Jamie says

    So my friend and i want to switch phones….i have a samsung and he has a blackberry but it doesnt have the data plan, so if we switch will they start charging me or not?

  104. Darby says

    Yes, they will charge you automatically if you switch from a non-smartphone to a Blackberry. I think it is ridiculous! I did the same thing.. not even thinking about it. Sure enough, AT&T charged me for a BB and data plan. :(

    • Susie says

      I also think it’s ridiculous for ATT to charge for the data plan. I got this BB 8800 series for christmas and now ATT is charging me 25 dollars a month for the data plan. Ergh…and I don’t even use the internet on the phone. I guess its there way of making money. I called ATT and yes they told me, I will be charge for the data plan even without my consent.

  105. Dave says

    I was told by T-Mobile that cell companies CANNOT force you to use a data plan. The phone you use is independent of the company. If the rep you talk to says no, ask for a higher level rep and continue to push it, on to the next level after that, if necessary. Different reps have wildly different understandings of the rules and rate plans. If they will not allow you to drop it, fill out an FCC complaint at their website. They have to respond to the FCC.

    • Diane says

      Interesting. I went up 3 levels at ATT and never got anywhere. They told me if I didn’t like it, I could get another cell phone company. So that’s what I plan to do.

  106. Jordan says

    Dont quote me on this but i heard that if it is a unlocked att blackberry you could just use it without a data plan but it wasnt the most reliable source so you would have to try it out. I dont have the money right now to try it but when I do and I get the bb I will post a comment if you can.

  107. Gertrude says

    I don’t have a smart phone nor do I have the data plan. If I buy a blackberry curve will the phone work? And will U.S Cellular charge me for the data plan? Please help it means a lot. Thank you and God bless

    • eeeerrica . says

      Yes they will charge you ecause you get apps, games, Internet, email, and much more! Yes the phone will work but they if you get it you have to buy a data package. I hope this helped, bye!

  108. lisa says

    Okay, I have a blackberry 8310 for at&t. I used it for a couple of months, they never charged me for the data plans and then my brother and I switched phone. He put in his sim card, not even for a month and they send him a text saying that they charged him for the data plans. I would like to know if anyone knows, if this is the changed of 2011, saying that you will have data plans no matter what? My brother doesn’t want the data plans cause he has unlimited text cause of the key board, is there any way to cancel the data plans?

    • Raymond says

      You can cancel the data plan anytime but you need to use a none blackberry phone, it sucks, but is the way att is doing

  109. terry says

    I have a BB storm 2 unlocked I use ATT and they have not charged me a single penny for using the phone. however I took out SMS and they put it back in so now i get charged for text messaging.

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    Place your order today and have a taste of our services.

    For details contact send us an email:


    Address:Lot1. Block F, Sinsuran Complex, 88000
    Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

    Digital Cameras:
    Canon EOS 500D 15MP DSLR Camera
    Canon EOS Kiss X3 15MP DSLR Camera (Japanese version equivalent to 500D)
    Canon Digital IXUS 990 IS 12MP Digital Camera
    Canon PowerShot SX200 IS 12MP Digital Camera
    Canon PowerShot D10 12MP Waterproof Digital Camera
    Canon Kiss Digital X 10mp DSLR Camera Double Kit (Japanese model equivalent to EOS 400D)
    Canon EOS 40D 10.1MP DSLR Camera (Japanese Model- Full Language option)

    Canon XH A1 Mini DV Digital Camcorder…………………$900usd
    Canon GL2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder……………………$650usd
    Canon XL H1 HDV Digital Camcorder………………………$950usd
    Canon Pro XL2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder………………$700usd
    Canon XL2E Mini DV Digital Camcorder………………….$1000usd

    Digital Cameras:
    Nikon D5000 12MP DSLR Camera
    Nikon D300s Digital Camera
    Nikon D700 Digital camera
    Nikon D500 12MP DSLR Camera
    Nikon D80 Body Only Digital Camera
    Nikon D40 Digital Camera with G-II 18-55mm Lens

    BlackBerry Bold 9780……$300
    BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300….$300
    BlackBerry Torch 9800……$300
    BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105….$200
    BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100…..$200
    BlackBerry Bold 9650……$270
    BlackBerry Bold 9700……$250
    BlackBerry Storm2 9520…..$300
    BlackBerry Storm 9530……$200
    BlackBerry Storm 9500…..$200
    BlackBerry Curve 8900…..$250
    BlackBerry Tour 9630……$200
    BlackBerry Curve 8520……$200
    BlackBerry Storm2 9550…..$300
    BlackBerry Bold 9000…..$200

    HTC HD7……$300
    HTC 7 Pro…..$300
    HTC 7 Surround….$300
    HTC 7 Mozart…..$300
    HTC Trophy……$300
    HTC 7 Pro CDMA….$300
    HTC Desire HD……$300
    HTC Desire Z…..$300
    HTC Aria……$250
    HTC Wildfire…..$250
    HTC Desire…..$250
    HTC HD mini….$250
    HTC Legend…..$250
    HTC Google Nexus One…..$250

    Samsung – UN46C9000 – 46″ 3D LED-backlit LCD TV – 1080p (FullHD) $900
    Samsung – UN46C8000 – 46″ 3D LED-backlit LCD TV – 1080p (FullHD) $800
    Samsung – UN46C7000 – 46″ 3D LED-backlit LCD TV – 1080p (FullHD) $700
    Samsung – UN46C6500 – 46″ 3D LED-backlit LCD TV – 1080p (FullHD) $650
    Samsung – UN46C6300 – 46″ 3D LED-backlit LCD TV – 1080p (FullHD) $600

    2010 Panasonic Plasmas TV
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P65VT25….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P58VT25…..$1000
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P50VT25…..$900
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P54G25……$900
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P65S2…….$900
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P50G25…..$600
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P46G25…..$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P42G25….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P54G20….$800
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P50G20….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P58S2….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P54S2….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P50S2….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P46S2….$650
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S2…$500
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P50U2….$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P42U2…..$700
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P50C2….$750
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P46C2….$550
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P42C2….$500

    LG Plasmas TV
    LG PK550 Series….$900
    LG PK950 Series….$1000
    LG PX950 Series….$1000
    LG PS80 Series…..$900
    LG PS60 Series…..$1000
    LG PK750 Series…$800
    LG PJ350 Series….$700
    LG PQ30 Series….$500

    Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab….$300
    Samsung M920 Transform….$300
    Samsung Galaxy 551….$250
    Samsung R900 Craft…..$250
    Samsung Focus…..$300
    Samsung I8700 Omnia 7….$300
    Samsung S5750 Wave575….$250
    Samsung M130K Galaxy K….$250
    Samsung S8530 Wave II…..$250
    Samsung Mesmerize i500….$250

    Apple iPhone 4 32GB…..$350
    Apple iPhone 4 16GB…..$300
    Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB….$270
    Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB…..$250
    Apple iPhone 3G 32GB….$200
    Apple iPhone 3G 16GB…..$180

    Apple iPad WiFi 16GB…$250
    Apple iPad WiFi 32GB..$350
    Apple iPad WiFi 64GB…$450
    Apple iPad WiFi +3G 16GB…$400
    Apple iPad WiFi +3G 32GB…$500
    Apple iPad WiFi +3G 64GB…$550

    Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 3.06GHz….$750
    Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 3.2GHz……$800
    Apple iMac 27-inch: 3.2GHz………$950
    Apple iMac 27-inch: 2.8GHz……..$1000

    Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.4GHz…$750
    Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.66GHz..$800
    Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch: 2.4GHz…$900
    Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch: 2.53GHz…$850
    Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch: 2.66GHz….$950
    Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch: 2.53GHz….$1000
    Aluminum Unibody Apple Macbook spring 2010…. $1200

    Toshiba Qosmio (18.4) X505-Q892…$600
    Toshiba Qosmio (18.4) X505-Q887 …$700
    Toshiba Qosmio (18.4) X505-Q894…$800
    Toshiba Qosmio (18.4) X505-Q896…$900
    Toshiba Qosmio (18.4) X500-Q900S…$1000
    Toshiba Qosmio (18.4) X505-Q898…..$1200

    Sony VAIO Signature Collection F Series…$900
    Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop……$950
    Sony VAIO F Series Laptop…….$800
    Sony VAIO Signature Collection Z Series…$1000
    Sony VAIO Signature Collection X Series…$700
    Sony VAIO F Series Laptop….$750
    Sony VAIO W Series Billabong Mini Laptop…$300
    Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC……$400
    Sony VAIO W Series Mini Laptop……$300
    Sony VAIO EB Series Laptop……….$500
    Sony VAIO Signature Collection P Series….$500
    Sony VAIO EA Series Laptop……….$600
    Sony VAIO Signature Collection EA Series…$700
    Sony VAIO Y Series Laptop…….$400
    Sony VAIO EA Series Laptop….$650
    Sony VAIO Signature Collection Z Series…$1500

    Nokai N80…..$300
    Nokia C5-03….$250
    Nokia E7……..$250
    Nokia C6-01….$200
    Nokia C7……..$250
    Nokia X6 8GB….$200
    Nokia X6……..$200
    Nokia X6 16GB…..$250
    Nokia N97 mini……$300
    Nokia N900……$250
    Nokia N97…….$250

    Place your order today and have a taste of our services.

    For details contact send us an email:


    Address:Lot1. Block F, Sinsuran Complex, 88000
    Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

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