Will The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Hit Telus Friday?

BlackBerry Sync is reporting that the CDMA BlackBerry Pearl 8130 will launch on Telus up in Canada this coming Friday, Nov. 2nd.

Telus’ Pearl will come in a silver metallic finish and will sport the 2.0 megapixel camera, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack and of course the upgraded OS.

We haven’t gotten any other confirmation, so, if you hear anything let us know.


  1. hellno says

    NICE catch kristina,

    *news flash* verizon LIES.

    “All this productivity, and a sleek silver color that’s exclusive to verizon wireless” (from the verizon “next phones now page)


    We KNOW the productivity of a verizon Blackberry will be less than the productivity of other carriers Blackberrys due to the verizon feature removal and crippling factor, so that leave the “exclusive” color claim which come to find out it BS too. Keep up the good work verizon, keep feeding the sheep BS.

    Another day and more BS from verizon is pointed out.


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